Cuffs and Restraints

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Showing 25 - 48 of 80 products
Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs - Kinkly ShopGIF shows a person placing the two straps of the Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs over the door and beginning to close a door. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Lace Wrist Cuffs - Kinkly ShopSportsheets Lace Wrist Cuffs - Kinkly Shop
STRICT Spreader Bar | Kinkly ShopClose up of the cuffs of the STRICT Spreader Bar. The image shows the locking buckle that each one of the cuffs has. | Kinkly Shop
Master Series Kink in the Dark Set shown during the daylight. All of the items look black with white trim lining them. The image shows all four cuffs, the blindfold, and the paddle laid flat. | Kinkly ShopThis glow-in-the-dark image shows the same set-up as the previous photo - only now all of the lights are off. All of the parts of the Master Series Kink in the Dark Set that were white now glow with a green hue in the dark. | Kinkly Shop
Kinklab 25' Bondage Rope | Kinkly ShopPackaging of the Kinklab 25' Bondage Rope | Kinkly Shop
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My Very First Kink KitMy Very First Kink Kit
Kinkly Shop My Very First Kink Kit
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All four Kinklab 4-Pack of Snap Hooks laid out flat | Kinkly ShopPerson sits in a chair with their arms bound. The Kinklab 4-Pack of Snap Hooks connect their wrist restraints to a tether that connects their wrists to the chair they are sitting on. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Shadow Fur Handcuffs - Kinkly ShopA person smiles seductively at the camera while wearing the Sportsheets Shadow Fur Handcuffs. The chain between the cuffs fastens them together. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Sports Cuffs - Kinkly ShopA person standing in white lingerie has their wrists up against their chest. Their wrists are bound in the Sportsheets Sports Cuffs. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Enchanted Kit - Kinkly ShopA happy, smiling person looks at the camera. The blindfold from the Sportsheets Enchanted Kit is resting on top of their head. One of the wrist restraints from the Sportsheets Enchanted Kit is on their wrist while the second restraint dangles from the one that's fastened on their wrist. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Enchanted Spreader Bar - Kinkly ShopSportsheets Enchanted Spreader Bar - Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Supercuffs - Kinkly ShopTwo wrists bound in Sportsheets Supercuffs tug away from one another to show the durability of the cuffs | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Adjustable Rope Restraints - Kinkly ShopSportsheets Adjustable Rope Restraints
Master Series Enforcer | Kinkly ShopIllustrated image shows how the Master Series Enforcer humbler is used. The testicles are trapped between the bars of the device in the middle of the Humbler. The two sides of the Humbler then rest behind the thighs when worn and prevent the person from standing up. | Kinkly Shop

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