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Sportsheets The Sportsheet Bondage Bedding (Queen)

Sportsheets The Sportsheet Bondage Bedding (Queen)

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Your everyday mattress is now a piece of bondage furniture! With the help of just an everyday sheet, the Sportsheets Sportsheet uses innovative technology to turn your standard bed into an exploratory playground. Just use the included, proprietary bedsheet on your bed - like any other sheet - and the included four bondage pads (and four cuffs!) will instantly turn your mattress into a new adventure!

You're going to be amazed when you press one of those four bondage pads onto the sheet. The bondage pad sticks - almost like magic. The only way that bondage pad is peeling back off of the bondage sheet is if you forcefully pull it from only one corner. If your struggling partner pulls the entire bondage pad, nothing happens. But if someone with two hands' free pulls the bondage pad from just the corner, it easily peels of the bondage sheet - and can be stuck anywhere else in seconds!

As each one of those bondage pads is equipped with an O-ring and a clip, you can imagine the bondage possibilities! Each one of these bondage pads becomes the perfect attachment point for bondage. Use one of the four included cuffs to get playing right out of the box - or use any bondage items you have in your home, too! With an O-ring - and a clip - on each one of the four bondage pads, you have your choice in ways to play!

All of this comes together to make the Sportsheets Sportsheet one of the easiest bondage toys you've ever played with. All you need to do is peel - and stick - any of the bondage pads to reposition your partner in seconds. Sex position transitions just became easy to do with bondage - and you'll never need to quit because someone's arm is uncomfortable. Just reposition them and get back into the fun!

The simple, bedsheet design of the Sportsheets Sportsheet also makes this piece of bondage furniture one of the most discreet out there. It washes up just like an everyday bedsheet (machine-washable!), and it looks like a standard bedsheet too! Until you pull out the bondage pads and cuffs, no one will have any idea that your bedsheet harbors an erotic secret. Want even more discretion? Just put your own sleeping sheets on top of the Sportsheet - then tug them off to expose the Sportsheet's surface any time you want to play!

Tips for Using the Sportsheets Sportsheet

You know us! We always have tips to make sex better! For the Sportsheets Sportsheet bondage bedsheets, we think it's important to note:

  • You'll definitely want to make sure to fasten the under-the-mattress straps when putting on the sheet. We know it's easy to skim past it in your excitement, but it really helps keep things sturdy!
  • Speaking of putting on the bedsheet, you don't have to move around the bedsheet every time you want to use it. You can just leave this bedsheet on the bed underneath your standard sheets. Just strip off your sleeping sheets and a bondage playground awaits!
  • Nooobody likes having to clean up after sex. Low and behold, Sportsheets thought of that too. The Sportsheet is fully machine washable.
  • The magic of the Sportsheet means you can place the bondage pads anywhere on the bed. Anywhere! If your partner's limbs are really long, just place the bondage pads on the sides of the bed (instead of the top) to get them out of their reach!
  • You can make an impromptu collar out of the included cuffs. Just take two cuffs and cuff them together to make an extra long "cuff" - which now becomes your bondage collar. (Psst. This is great for oral sex bondage. ;) )
  • The included bondage pads feature their own D-rings and clips. This means you can replace the included cuffs for anything. Thigh cuffs, tethers, collars, waist belts - anything! If it has a bondage point to clip onto, the bondage pads can easily clip onto it!
  • You don't have to use the included restraints with the bondage bedsheet either. If you're not feeling the bed, the four cuffs can be used on their own too. Magic!

Please be aware; this item is not available for shipment outside of the USA. If an order is placed with this item for international shipment, we'll reach out, and you'll be refunded.

What Are the Sportsheets Sportsheets?

See that black sheet that's shown in every product photo? That's actually the Sportsheet itself!

The Sportsheet is, quite literally, a bondage-friendly fitted sheet that goes onto your mattress like any sheet you've placed onto your mattress. Simply place the Sportsheet onto your mattress like a regular sheet, using the tightening straps underneath your mattress if you plan for any rough play. These tightening straps really anchor the Sportsheet in place, ensuring you can get a bit rougher than usual. (If you're in a hurry, the Sportsheet stays in place pretty well on its own without the straps for most play too!)

Next, the magic happens with the sheet's proprietary material. This material forms a super-secure bondage with the four bondage pads that it comes with. Simply lay a bondage square where you want it, press it firmly into the sheet's surface, and the two of them adhere to one another, anchoring that bondage pads in place!

Don't worry; they won't be there permanently, but they do take a bit of force to remove. Start peeling up one of the four corners of the bondage pad, and it will slowly let go of the Sportsheet itself. Attempting to remove the bondage pad from the centerpoint of the bondage pad is nearly impossible. That's how it ensures your captive can't easily get free!

In the center of each one of these bondage pads is a clip attached to an O-ring. You simply attach this clip to any of your bondage gear (including the four cuffs that come with the Sportsheet, if you'd like!), and the gear will be fastened onto that bondage pad! Each one of these clips is also fastened to the bondage pad with an O-ring, so if your bondage gear comes with its own clip, you can fasten it that way too!

When you're done, the Sportsheet can be tossed into the washing machine on cold and hung to dry.

(If you want to reduce the wear and tear on your expensive Sportsheet, though, we always recommend tossing down a travel-sized Liberator Throw. Our staff can confirm; the Throw's microfiber material doesn't slip against the Sportsheet's material!)

If you want to be ready for bondage play at a moment's notice, simply leave the Sportsheet on your bed, 24/7. You can sleep on it too! We'd recommend it more as a winter sheet set for 24/7 wear. It tends to absorb heat for an extra-warm feel when partnered with blankets overnight. The Sportsheet material is soft on the skin, though - even while naked!

What Products Work with the Sportsheet?

Think of the Sportsheets Sportsheet as your "base kit" for any bondage you have in mind! It includes everything you need to jump straight into bed bondage play. It has the sheet itself, the 4 bondage pads, and 4 velcro-adjustable cuffs to fit ankles and wrists.

However, you can add on to your "base kit" at any point. The Sportsheets Sportsheet is compatible with any other bondage gear that can fasten with a clip or O-ring. Technically, you could tie a string around a chastity cage and fasten it to the Sportsheet if you wanted!

Some of our customers' favorite gear to pair with the Sportsheet include:

Will the Queen Sportsheet Work with my Full Mattress?


The Sportsheets Queen was crafted to fit Full and Queen mattress sizes.

If you're working with a Full, we highly recommend utilizing those under-bed straps built into the Sportsheet itself. This can ensure the Sportsheet gets a snug, stay-in-place fit on your mattress.


    Equipped Features: Works with the Mattress You Have, Discreet, Bondage Repositionable, Machine Washable, Versatile Cuffs.
    Materials: 100% Polyester sheet. Neoprene and velcto cuffs. Nylon and Metal Bondage Pads.
    Care and Cleaning: The Sportsheet bondage bedsheet should be machine washed on a gentle cycle with similar colors on a warm setting. Do NOT use bleach! When it's clean, tumble dry it on a delicate setting or very-low heat setting. (The sheet is 100% polyester!)

    Bondage Sheet Fits: Queen, Full. (We have a Sportsheets Sportsheet King-Sized if you prefer.)

    (Want more info on the cuffs that are included? You can find more info on the Sports Cuffs page.)

    Box Includes: Proprietary Bedsheet, 4 Hook & Loop Anchor Pads, 4 Neoprene Sports Cuffs.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Big, but Totally Worth

    I love the Sportsheets thing. It pretty much made bed bondage effortless and super customizable. No longer did we have to worry about straps or clips or anything else. As long as the Sportsheet was on the bed, I just placed the bondage pads wherever I wanted them - and that's it. My partner could instantly be bound that way.

    We used to keep a "boring, normal" sheet on top of the Sportsheet, but when we wanted to play, we'd just strip off the boring sheet - and that's all the prepwork required.

    Unlike Under The Bed Restraint Kits which will require prepwork and really can only hold your partner in one angle (spread eagle), the Sportsheets can allow you to hold your partner however you want. Just peel off the panels, refasten them, and your partner is bound anywhere you want. You can easily do it during sex when a limb is in an in-the-way-place, or you can just do it to make them more comfortable or make them feel more at your mercy.

    The sheet itself is super soft. It feels like a the softer-side of a velcro fastener material. Almost like a velvet - but less fluffy. I'd honestly probably keep these as regular sheets if it was an option.

    I lost mine in a break-up, but I keep stalking this product page thinking about buying another one every time I'm here.

    Sad I could only give it 5 stars!

    I bought the King but wanted to put this review on for all those interested in the Queen size.

    To be honest, my wife and I were a bit leery at first because this is not something that we would normally do. After purchasing the King and easing into it, we can't imagine not having it. We take it on trips, vacations and anywhere else that will have a bed.

    This is a ridiculously good product and was very easy to set up. We didn't need the DVD but were very happy it was there just in case.

    My wife and I are now willing to try out other products thanks to the Sportsheet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can see why your tag line is Keeping Couples Connected - its so true.

    Sad I could only give it 5 stars!


    this product is amazing. i have used it for 20+ years!

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