The Sportsheet, Queen Size



You're only as tied up as you want to be

The Original Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet Set. Move your partner and the pads quickly and easily into new positions.

  • Includes ultra soft, Velcro compatible machine washable sheet, 4 Velcro Anchor pads that adhere anywhere to the sheet, and 4 Sports Cuffs that secure around wrists or ankles and clip to the Anchor Pads.
  • Nickel free metal
  • Fits Full and Queen mattresses.
  • Machine washable
  • Includes: Soft, Velcro compatible, fitted bedsheet, 4 Velcro anchor pads, 4 neoprene sports cuffs
  • Ingredients: Polyester, nylon, ABS plastic hardware, Polypropylene, Velcro, nickel free metal hardware, neoprene

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