"Menstrubation" stands for Menstruation and Masturbation.


Womanizer and Lunette launched the Menstrubation study, a global clinical study to determine if mastrubation can help ease period pain - and guess what… it does!

The study was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jones, clinical psychologist, sex therapist and head researcher. You can check out the study for yourself here!

The study showed that regular masturbation was effective at reducing common symptoms such as cramps, diarrhea, headaches, breast soreness, lower back pain, bloating and fatigue - 90% of participants would recommend masturbation to a friend to help combat period pain.

You know you can trust Kinkly with the latest and greatest advice on all intimate topics. So just in time for Masturbation May, we will be offering 15% OFF all Womanizer products AND a FREE Lunette Period Cup ($39.99 Value) with every Womanizer purchase! Simply add any of the Womanizer products to your cart to activate the discount!



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