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Showing 1 - 24 of 37 products
Kinklab Neon Wand - Red Handle - Kinkly ShopKinklab Neon Wand - Kinkly Shop
KinkLab Kinklab Neon Wand
Sale price$149.99
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Mystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit - Kinkly ShopMystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit
Regular price$179.80 Sale price$169.99
Save $4.97
Kinklab Electro Erotic Power Tripper - Kinkly ShopKinklab Electro Erotic Power Tripper - Kinkly Shop
KinkLab Kinklab Electro Erotic Power Tripper
Regular price$59.96 Sale price$54.99
Mystim The Goldfather Conductivity Enhancer - Kinkly ShopMystim The Goldfather Conductivity Enhancer - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim The Goldfather Conductivity Enhancer
Sale price$23.99
Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis & Testicle Strap Set - Kinkly ShopMystim Rodeo Robin Penis & Testicle Strap Set - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis & Testicle Strap Set
Sale price$47.99
Save $3.81
Mystim Barry Bite - Bipolar-Stim ClampsMystim Barry Bite - Bipolar-Stim Clamps
Mystim GmbH Mystim Barry Bite - Bipolar-Stim Clamps
Regular price$72.80 Sale price$68.99
Save $7.81
Mystim Rocking Force | Kinkly ShopMystim Rocking Force | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Rocking Force
Regular price$77.80 Sale priceFrom $69.99
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Kinklab Thunderclap - Kinkly ShopKinklab Thunderclap - Kinkly Shop
KinkLab Kinklab Thunderclap
Regular price$75 Sale price$49.99
Mystim Opus E | Donut - Kinkly ShopMystim Opus E | Donut - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Opus E | Donut
Sale price$109.99
Save $5.21
Mystim Tickling Truman eStim Vibrator Black Edition - Kinkly ShopMystim Tickling Truman eStim Vibrator Black Edition - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Tickling Truman eStim Vibrator
Regular price$144.80 Sale price$139.59
The Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit in front of a plain white background. The LED background is lit up on the Cluster Bluster's display. | Kinkly ShopIllustration of the Mystim Cluster Buster and all of the Mystim toys around it. The illustration of the Cluster Buster is in the middle, and multiple toys are shown surrounding it, attached wirelessly to the Sultry Sub. This showcases how the Sultry Sub controls the toys themselves, but it doesn't require a wire to run from the Cluster Buster to the Sultry Sub. Text on the image reads: "Enjoy the tingles of an unlimited numbr of e-stim toys at the same time - all controlled at the same time" | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit
Sale price$199.99
Mystim Plunging Pete w/Corona Strap & Urethral Sound - Kinkly ShopThe Mystim Plunging Pete w/Corona Strap & Urethral Sound against a plain white background. Two circles point out the lower strap ends of the thicker, base strap of the toy. A gray circle points out the upper straps' end. Tugging on these straps will allow the user to adjust how tightly the Mystim Plunging Pete w/Corona Strap & Urethral Sound fits | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Plunging Pete w/Corona Strap & Urethral Sound
Sale price$109.99
Mystim Electrodes for Tens Units - 40 mm x 40 mm - Kinkly ShopMystim Electrodes for Tens Units | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Electrodes for Tens Units - 40 mm x 40 mm
Sale price$16.99
Save $5.21
Mystim Electric Eric E-Stim Vibrator | Kinkly ShopMystim Electric Eric E-Stim Vibrator | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Electric Eric E-Stim Vibrator
Regular price$144.80 Sale price$139.59
Kinklab Electro Whip | Kinkly ShopA person has the Kinklab Electro Whip installed in their Kinklab Neon Wand, and they are dangling the whip's tail on top of a person's butt. The tails are long, spanning about the entire width of the receiving person's hips. | Kinkly Shop
KinkLab Kinklab Electro Whip
Sale price$49.99
Kinklab Flex Capacitor | Kinkly ShopImage shows the Kinklab Flex Capacitor in use, being dragged along the butt of someone who is wearing underwear. The electricity is jumping the gap between the Capacitor and the person's bare skin, showing little lightning bolts extending out from the tip of the toy. | Kinkly Shop
KinkLab Kinklab Flex Capacitor
Sale price$49.99
Mystim Big Bend-It - Kinkly ShopMystim Big Bend-It - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Big Bend-It
Sale price$80.99
Save $40.01
Everything that comes with the KinkLab Agent Noir Electro Erotic Neon Wand Kit. It shows the Kinklab Neon Wand, Electro Whip, Power Trip Attachment, 90 degrees probe, bulb attachment, comb attachment, tongue attachment, mushroom attachment, probe attachment, pinwheel, and drum. They are all laying out cleanly against a white background. | Kinkly ShopAll of the items included within the KinkLab Agent Noir Electro Erotic Neon Wand Kit. They're all sitting within their made-for-them foam spot within the included attache case. This shows the protective foam included within the case as well as the large variety of items included in the kit. | Kinkly Shop
KinkLab KinkLab Agent Noir Electro Erotic Neon Wand Kit
Regular price$400 Sale price$359.99
Mystim Booty Garland Anal Chain | Kinkly ShopMystim Booty Garland Anal Chain | Small - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Booty Garland Anal Chain
Sale price$99.99
Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator | Kinkly ShopMystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator
Sale price$169.80
Mystim Flexing Flavio - Kinkly ShopMystim Flexing Flavio - Kinkly Shop
MyStim GmbH Mystim Flexing Flavio
Sale price$79.99
Mystim Pubic Enemy #1 Cock Cage - Kinkly ShopMystim Pubic Enemy #1 Cock Cage - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Pubic Enemy #1 Cock Cage
Sale price$130.99
Mystim Twisting Tom | Kinkly ShopMystim Twisting Tom | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim Twisting Tom
Sale price$99.60
Mystim O(h!)-Thello | Oval Dildo - Kinkly ShopMystim O(h!)-Thello | Oval Dildo - Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH Mystim O(h!)-Thello | Oval Dildo
Sale price$104.99

Recently viewed

What is Electrosex?

As its most basic, electro sex is the inclusion of electricity - specifically electrical impulses - during sexual activity. Electrosex can be used as a form of sensation play or used for arousal and orgasm. Through the use of sex-safe electro sex toys, you can add the power of electricity to your usual forms of sexual pleasure.

Not only does electrosex offer novel sensations that are pleasurable to explore, but certain types of electrosex toys can offer hands-free orgasms for some - which is rewarding in its own way! Electrosex sensations can vary from powerful muscle contractions all the way to an erotic feeling of fingernails being dragged along the skin; it all depends on the electro stimulation sex toys you choose to use!

What Are Electro Stimulation Sex Toys?

Electro stimulation toys take the power of electricity and make it safe (and easy!) for most everyday people to use for erotic play purposes. If you tried to use everyday electrical objects as sex toys, there’d be a whole host of safety concerns including voltages that are unsafe for the human body - and items that are unsafe for insertion. Electro stimulation sex toys bring all of the fun of electricity into a package that's actually designed for sexual pleasure.

While safety is a big part of electro stimulation sex toys, it's also important to note that functionality is just as important. Simply put, playing with electricity during sex can be difficult for the average person! Not only would it be extremely complicated to craft your own devices, but getting a body-safe, easy-to-use interface on those devices would be complicated as well.

That's where electro stimulation sex toys fit in. They harness the power of electricity and make it accessible for the average person to use. Instead of connecting your own circuit boards and programming a Raspberry Pi, you simply plug in a toy, interact with an LED panel, and boom: you have reliable, easy-to-use sensations right in the palm of your hand.

What Does Electro Sex Feel Like?

Asking what electrosex feels like is a little bit like asking what food tastes like. The term is just so generic that it's hard to give you a good answer!

You see, each estimulation sex toy has its own sensations - and those sensations can change even more depending on what intensity level you're playing with. The sensations on the softest settings will likely be different than the sensations on the highest settings.

That being said, let us break down the "feel" of some of our most popular options.

First up, we have the Kinklab Neon Wand. Designed for surface-level electrosex sensations, using the Neon Wand on lighter settings feels like the tip of fingernail sensually dragged along your bare skin. On the higher settings, this can start to feel more like a very intense static shock that makes you jump with the intensity of it.

Secondly, we have the Mystim Powerboxes. These are designed-for-sex versions of TENS Units, Mystim Powerboxes provide electrical impulses to the nervous system. These electrical impulses can cause muscles to contract with - literally - no effort on your part! (That's part of why they're such effective medical devices!)

It turns out that a lot of pleasurable sensations during sex are centered around muscular contractions - just think about how your body responds as it gets closer to orgasm! This is why some people fall in love with the Mystim Powerboxes; with experimentation of the electrode pad placement (which determine where the electricity runs), you can simulate the contractions that happen before (and during!) orgasm to “trick” the body into hands-free orgasms!

Especially as you start experimenting with electrosex toys, the exact sensations can vary based on which electrosex toy you're using. Barry Bite will feel different than Tingly Timmy - and so forth!

So it's all about experimenting - and make sure to always start on the softest setting possible!

Does Electrosex Hurt?

No! But also a potential "yes".

You see, electrosex is exactly what you make of it. If you use a powerful electrosex toy on the highest setting, yes, it can hurt - because that's, presumably, what you're going for when you explore that combination.

But electrosex doesn't have to hurt. All of the electrosex toys sold on Kinkly Shop feature incremental levels of estimulation to explore. Start with the lowest levels, and "pain" will be very difficult to achieve.

That being said, it's also important to note that every person's body responds differently to different sensations. One person can inhale an entire bowl of ice cream and have a great time while another person is going to quickly get brain freeze. While we encourage anyone who can (and wants to!) safely explore electrosex to do so, we also encourage you to understand your body is unique - and electrostimulation may not be for you! (And that's okay!) There are hundreds of thousands of other kinky sensations to explore out there.

Even if it doesn’t necessarily hurt, electrosex can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Make sure you fully read the toy’s instructions before use. Those with a IUD, body piercings, pacemaker, heart problems, or pregnancy should consult their doctor before playing with electro sex toys.

What Are the Best Electro Shock Sex Toys to Start With?

Especially if you don't have any experience with estimulation, we always recommend starting with the Kinklab Neon Wand.

As the Kinklab Neon Wand was crafted to be a "plug and play" toy, it's extremely approachable to those who have minimal estimulation experience. You don't need to learn anything about impulse widths, impulse intensity, or impulse frequency; there's only one, simple turn-dial at the base of the Neon Wand that controls all of the sensations.

Once you read the instruction manual and ensure it's safe for you to explore with electrosexual stimulation, it's as simple as plugging in the glass tips (called “electrodes”), plugging in the Neon Wand, and gently pressing the tip of the Neon Wand onto the recipient's skin.

When you want to start fully exploring the potential of the best electro shock sex toys, there are multiple accessories for the Neon Wand that simply plug into the tip of the Neon Wand. The body contact probe turns the entire body into an electrosex "toy" while the Electro Whip or Flex Capicator changes up how the electricity is applied to the body. Just like the basic operation of the Neon Wand, all of the accessories are "plug and play" too!

Are There Electro Sex Kits for Beginners?

Yes! Turns out, a lot of estimulation beginners find electrosex to be a bit overwhelming. Let's be real here: electro sex is a niche type of stimulation and the vast majority of people haven't heard of it. (At least, yet! Here at Kinkly, we're aiming to change that!)

So manufacturers have definitely made electro sex kits for beginners.

If you're looking for an electro sex kit for beginners that allows you to jump straight into the pleasure, we'd recommend any of our Stand-Alone e-Stim Toys. A full category to itself, all of the toys in it can be used for electrosex with a single purchase. You don't need to worry about purchasing accessories or powerboxes; each one of the items provides electrosex stimulation all by itself.

In particular, a lot of people like to start with the Kinklab Neon Wand (or the Kinklab Obsidian Neon Wand kit if you're looking for more accessories at a discounted price!). Both kits include a Neon Wand - which is a surface-level electro sex toy. Simply plug the Neon Wand into the wall then drag the tip of the wand along the skin. Small jolts of electricity will jump the gap between the toy and the skin for an electrifying (and erotic!) sensation. The plug-and-play design lends itself well to beginners, and the basic functionality is easy for most people to understand; Turn up the dial at the base for more intense sensations - and turn it down for gentler sensations.

Plus, online stores (like us!) offer different payment options - like Sezzle - to ensure that you can afford your sex furniture in the way that’s best for you!

If you're looking for insertable electro sex play, though, you might prefer the Mystim Tickling Truman, Electric Eric, or Sizzling Simon. Each one of these three sex toys looks like a standard vibrating dildo - but they hold a fun secret: they're equipped with electrosex functionality! Each one can provide e-stim - or vibrate! - to allow you to swap between (and mix!) sensations however your body wants that day.

If you want to explore the full range of electro sex pleasure possibilities someday, I'd recommend using an e-stim powerbox. While the above-mentioned, stand-alone estimulation toys can get you playing with electro sex in minutes, they do not offer the full range of additional accessories down the line.

Instead, we'd recommend the Mystim Tension Lover e-stim unit. With a full digital display, 7 pre-set electrostimulation patterns, and plug-and-play functionality with any of the Mystim electrosex toys, the Mystim Tension Lover is one of the most beginner-friendly electrosex powerboxes. And since you own a powerbox (compared to the stand-alone toys mentioned above!), it means you'll be able to plug in and enjoy any of the electrosex toys down the line!

What is Zeus Electrosex?

Maybe you've heard of Zeus Electrosex - and that's why you're here.

If that's the case, let us explain what it is you've heard about.

See, "Zeus" is a brand of electrosex gear - just like Mystim or Kinklab. It isn't a type of electrosex activity, but instead, it's a brand of electrosex toys.

We even carry a Zeus electrosex toy of our own: the Arcana! The Zeus Arcana wand massager features estim functionalities alongside its powerful vibrations. Easily swap between vibrations and estim for a multifunctional toy that always leaves your options open.

So if you ever hear someone talk about Zeus electrosex, now you'll know that they're referencing a specific estimulation manufacturer!