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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
Mystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit - Kinkly ShopMystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit - Kinkly Shop
The Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit in front of a plain white background. The LED background is lit up on the Cluster Bluster's display. | Kinkly ShopIllustration of the Mystim Cluster Buster and all of the Mystim toys around it. The illustration of the Cluster Buster is in the middle, and multiple toys are shown surrounding it, attached wirelessly to the Sultry Sub. This showcases how the Sultry Sub controls the toys themselves, but it doesn't require a wire to run from the Cluster Buster to the Sultry Sub. Text on the image reads: "Enjoy the tingles of an unlimited numbr of e-stim toys at the same time - all controlled at the same time" | Kinkly Shop
MyStim Pure Vibes - Kinkly ShopMyStim Pure Vibes - Kinkly Shop

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