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Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit
Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit
Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit
Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit
Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit

Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit

Mystim GmbH

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Instant control of your electrosex toys at the push of a button! For beginners to the world of electrosex, we bring you the MyStim Cluster Buster Starter Kit. Providing everything you'd need to easily power 8 (yes, 8!) MyStim toys, this powerbox offers a simple, beginner-friendly way to jump into electrosex. With the included 12 stimulation programs and 5 training programs (for pelvic floor muscle strengthening), this kit takes all of the guesswork out of electrosex. Pick a program and enjoy! Want a more "shocking" experience? With a push of the "Shock" button, you'll be rewarded with the maximum power output.

Never worry about turning on the lights either! This set was designed for in-the-dark playtimes. Automatic lights on the extra-large display turn on with any adjustment (and switch off after 10 seconds). With lockable switches, you don't have to worry about keeping track of the toy. Even an accidental elbow won't change that current delicious sensation. When you're enjoying other carnal pleasures, the set will turn itself off after 3 minutes to conserve battery (to be ready when you want it!). 

Your MyStim Cluster Buster Starter Kit is also entirely rechargeable. With its high-quality Lithium-Ion battery, this electrosex power box is available whenever you need it - with a stand-by time of up to a full year.

As the center of the entire Mystim electrosex product line, the Mystim Cluster Buster Starter Kit offers thousands of stimulation possibilities when paired with other Mystim electrosex toys. However, it can be enjoyed solo with the included bipolar self-adhesive electrode. 

Equipped Features: 8 Channels, 12 Stimulation programs, 5 "training" programs for muscles, Automatic display lights (turn off after 10 seconds), Shock function, Automatic shut-down (after 3 minutes of no use), Extra-large display, Lockable switches.

Type: Asymmetric biphasic square-wave pulse
Frequency range: 2 - 70 Hz
Intensity: 0 - 70 mA
8 individual channels for 8 different toys
12 different programs
Timer: 1 - 90 minute increments (including a continuous mode)

Powered by: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
Charging time: 2-3 hours via included USB charging cable
Stand-by time: 12 months

Box includes: MyStim Cluster Buster Controller, MyStim Sultry Sub (receiver), 1 cable, 1 bipolar self-adhesive electrode, 1 double USB charging cable, Instruction manual.

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