Let’s be honest, the internet is filled with sex toy shops. Do a quick Google search and you can be easily overwhelmed by the vast amount of online retailers selling “pleasurable” objects. 

However, when it comes to something you’re going to be sticking into your body or sticking your body into, you want to make sure you’re buying a toy that is body-safe and reliable. 

It’s easy to talk the talk, but here at Kinkly, we wanted to also walk the walk. Thus, the Kinkly Shop was born (with fireworks and cannons of penis and vulva shaped confetti). (Not actually, that clean up would have been a nightmare, but allow us to dream for a moment.)

We created the Kinkly Shop because we wanted to make sex toy shopping stress-free and fun! When you’re on the hunt for a new toy to bring some extra pleasure into your life, you shouldn’t have to fear about buying a toy that’s going to break or become contaminated or do absolutely anything a quality sex toy shouldn’t.

Every toy in the Kinkly Shop is chosen specifically by our trusted editors and sex educators. We value quality over quantity.

As you scroll through our electronic treasure chest of toys, you’ll notice we limit our toys to brands that we’re proud to put our name beside. Brands that you can trust make well-designed, long-lasting, and, most importantly, awesome toys.

We also made the Kinkly Shop for one more very important reason: because we believe everyone deserves all the self-love, partner-love and any kind of love you want.

It makes us incredibly happy to provide all of our readers with a place to safely find their new favorite sex toy. We’re basically in the business of selling orgasms, and we can’t get over how god damn cool that is.

Happy shopping!

Image says "Shop Now" with a link that takes you to the Kinkly Shop homepage.