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What's the best prostate toy?

It's hard to give you an answer for "the best" of any type of toy; like everything sex, whatever "the best" is going to be will be really dependent on you, your body, your budget, your needs, and what you want to use the toy for. Sorry. No super-easy answers here! (These 8 Tips for Choosing a Prostate Massager might help you narrow down your choices, though.)

However, we can definitely tell you about some stand-out prostate massager options that really represent some of the fun you can have with prostate pleasure.

Fun Factory Limba Flex

If you haven't had the pleasure of enjoying prostate pleasure before, you might find the Fun Factory Limba Flex to be a good fit. The "bendable" design allows you to curve the dildo, try to find your prostate, recurve it, try again - over and over until you find the success you're looking for! Once you know where your prostate is located, you'll find other prostate toys to be more effective for you.

Nexus Simul8

This cock ring and prostate massager combo is our best-selling prostate massager for a good reason: they're orgasmic. The vibrations reverberate through the prostate massager and the cock rings. Two vibration motors let you perfectly customize your pleasure with 49 different pleasure settings. You get all the benefits of cock rings and prostate pleasure in a single toy with the Nexus Simul8!

Njoy Pfun Plug

Easily mix the fun of prostate play with the enjoyment of a discreet anal plug with the Njoy Pfun Plug. This prostate-focused toy provides a nice, sensually filling sensation that presses up against the prostate - and stays within the body for a hands-free, wear-when-you-want experience. Plus, its stainless steel design is crafted to (literally!) last your entire lifetime. The sturdy, luxurious packaging offers a discreet storage method that protects your Pfun and keeps it ready for fun at a moment's notice.

Lovense Edge 2

If the tech side of prostate play appeals to you, you want the Lovense Edge 2. Complete with a bendable design to perfectly hit your unique prostate placement, the Lovense Edge 2 is designed to stay in the body, hands-free, as you enjoy yourself. Your adventure is only starting, though, with the Lovense Edge 2's free cell phone app. A part of the Lovense ecosystem, the Edge 2 can be remotely controlled, synchronized to music, and more! Plus, it features 2 of the largest vibration motors in prostate massagers on the market!

Nexus Revo Extreme

Love the bigger toys and looking for a new sensation with prostate play? We have you covered with the Nexus Revo Extreme. Named for its "extreme" size, this thick-sized plug stretches you in all the right ways while the tip of the plug rotates up against the prostate for automated pleasure. And the base vibrates. AND it's all controllable by remote control. Like we said, this one is awesome. (Our Nexus Revo Extreme review has even more information!)

What should I get for my first anal toy?

Looking for your first butt toy? We have you covered! Essentially, we recommend looking for something that's less than 1.25" in diameter and preferably has a tapered tip for easier insertion. Both of those things make for a great first-step in choosing an anal sex toy. (8 Ways to Figure Out Which Anal Toy is Right for You might be helpful too!)

Of course, if this is your first anal toy, don't forget about picking up some lube to go alongside it. While you can "get away" without using lubricant for a lot of sex acts, anal isn't one of them. You'll definitely need lube to ensure a comfortable experience - and an experience that doesn't injure you. (Our Wicked Jelle works with literally every toy we sell on our entire website.)

Here are some of our best beginner anal toys:

Fun Factory Bootie

The Fun Factory Bootie (in size small!) has a reputation for being a fantastic first anal toy. Not only does it slide in really easily, but it's super comfortable once it's in. The slim size is a perfect choice for a first toy while the curved tip snuggles comfortably against your internal anatomy - and even hits the prostate if you have one!

b-Vibe Snug Plug

This torpedo-looking plug is another favorite for introductory anal plugs. The B-Vibe Snug Plug, in a Size 1, offers the fun of a constantly-memorable weighted plug at a size that's perfect for a first plug. The super-slender, long retention tail helps the plug stay in perfectly - even if you're out and about - and the plug itself was designed for comfortable, all-day wear. (As a bonus, with six different sizes, you can incrementally work yourself up to larger sizes as you find yourself ready for them!)

b-Vibe Anal Training Set

Are you looking to eventually enjoy anal sex with a partner or realistic dildos? The b-Vibe Anal Training Set gives you everything you need (except the lube!) to go from anal beginner all the way to anal sex! The set includes 3 plugs (in graduated sizes) - each with their own features as well as anal hygiene items to easily clean-out before your play. In addition, the set includes a full-color, illustrated guide that introduces you to the anal training kit and talks about how to use each individual item to the best of its ability for pleasure and enjoyment!

Blush Temptasia Twist Kit

Butt plugs aren't the only thing that can make a wonderful first butt toy. Dildos (with a flared base!) work great too. The Blush Temptasia Twist kit can be a fantastic fit for a first purchase. The three-dildo set includes three separate flared base dildos in incrementally thicker and longer lengths. You can easily start with the slimmest dildo - and move up to the thicker toys when your body is ready - and when you want to!

Fun Factory Limba Flex

Get the exact sensations where you want them with a Fun Factory Limba Flex dildo in Small. This dildo has a slim 1.1" diameter - perfect for a first anal toy. The fun doesn't lie in the diameter though - instead, the Limba Flex is fully bendable! You can easily position the dildo to have the perfect curve for your unique body - and this can make it uniquely fantastic for exploring your own body and finding your p-spot too! Either way, the suction cup base makes for easy, hands-free fun too!

Are there sex toys that can be controlled long-distance?

As technology has advanced, so has the availability of amazing vibrators and sex toys packed full of amazing, long-distance technology. We don't blame you for wanting to experiment with long-distance toys; they're awesome.

Not only do these app-controlled sex toys allow you and your partner to connect together - no matter the distance - but they can also provide some really fun public-play options or even some fun home play scenarios outside of the bedroom. Most long distance control sex toys also offer unique ways to interact with your sex toy - like customized patterns, vibrations synchronized to music, real-time and visual control of the vibrations, and more.

We have three collections here on Kinkly Shop that specifically specialize in long-distance body safe sex toy options. Talk about fun!

Satisfyer Connect App Toys

If you're looking for an introduction into the world of long-distance sex toy control, the Satisfyer Connect App toys are where it's at! Available with a wide variety of types of toys (including air suction vibrators, couple's vibrators, a rabbit vibrator, and a penis ring), the Satisfyer Connect App offers a whole new way to play with your sex toys including synchronization with music, long-distance control over a partner's toy, real-time control of the vibrator, completely customizable patterns, vibration synchronization to ambient sound, and more! (You might want to check out the Satisfyer Double Joy review for more info about the Satisfyer Connect App.)

Lovense Toys

Looking for something even more next-level? You want any of the Lovense toys. Not just long-distance control, the Lovense toys add even more functionality to their cell phone app. Some of the offerings can literally synchronize with one another! The app also allows for real-time control of your favorite toy - and lets you transfer that control to someone else while simultaneously chatting with them too. We're also in love with the "discreet" lock screen functionality of the app that disguises itself as a generic music player to control the toy in public.

We-Vibe WeConnect Toys

Our third big player in the world of long-distance control is We-Vibe. The majority of We-Vibe's collection is long-distance capable via the WeConnect app. (We highly recommend reading the product description or reaching out to us to ensure your potential toy is app-controlled!) The We-Connect App gives you a wide range of ways to play with your We-Vibe toy including long-distance control, custom patterns, synchrnoization to music, real-time control, and more! (App-control options will vary by toy).

What's the best g-spot toy?

Every body is different - and that's going to make finding the "best gspot toy" really unique to you. It essentially means that what works for one person isn't necessarily going to work for you - and that's a bit of a good thing. It means that your sexuality is unique to you - and that's awesome. (We even have some hints about how to locate your own g-spot using sex toys!)

We know you're looking for g-spot toy suggestions, though, and even though we can't recommend the "best gspot toy" without knowing more about you, your g-spot's location, what you want to use it for, whether you love vibration or not, and more, we can certainly tell you about some of our best-sellers - and help you explore some of our coolest gspot sex toys for yourself.

Blush Pride P1 Dildo

If you're on a budget and want something easy and targeted, you probably want the Blush Pride P1 dildo. The g-spot targeted tip helps it snuggle exactly where you need it while the suction-cup base makes for easy hands-free pleasure - or just simple gripping! It's a little more flexible, though, so if you know your body prefers rigid g-spot sensations, we'd stick to another option on this list.


If you're on a limited budget but still want a powerful vibrator to aid in your g-spot explorations, check out the ROMP Hype. Featuring a gentle g-spot curve and textured tip, the Hype ensures budgetary concerns aren't the reason you haven't explored g-spot vibrations yet.

Fun Factory Limba Flex

The Fun Factory Limba Flex makes a fantastic g-spot dildo due to its positionable design. Especially when you're first "hunting" for your g-spot, you might not know exactly where it is - which can make purchasing a toy in the "right" shape for your body a bit difficult. The Fun Factory Limba Flex takes out the guesswork. If your original guess isn't right, just reposition the dildo and try that again! Rinse and repeat until you find the right curvature for YOUR body.

Fun Factory Sundaze

With its flat head, the Fun Factory Sundaze was designed to perfectly hit shallower g-spots. Not just that, but the Sundaze's claim to fame is its self-thrusting ability. Consider it a mini sex machine. Just hold it in place while it does all of the thrusting work for you - all up against your g-spot. The only vibrator on the market that can thrust, vibrate, tap, and pulse, we really recommend checking out the GIF and videos for the Sundaze to really see its amazing design in action.

Womanizer Duo

A lot of people have fallen in love with the Womanizer Duo - and for a good reason! If you already love air suction sensation, the Womanizer Duo partners the power of pleasurable clitoral suction with vibration on your g-spot. Like any "dual stimulation" sex toy, the Womanizer Duo may not work for your exact clitoral-to-g-spot ratio, but when it works, the reviews definitely sing its high praises.

We-Vibe Rave

If you know where your g-spot is and want new ways to experience g-spot pleasure, we're all-for recommending the We-Vibe Rave. The We-Vibe Rave's asymmetrical design makes it stand out in a sea of g-spot vibrators. Instead of offering a single "way" to use the Rave, the Rave's unique curvature, twists, angles, and slants offers a multitude of ways to make contact with your g-spot - and experimentation is the name of the game with the Rave! Making everything even sweeter, the Rave is equipped with those super-powerful vibrations that We-Vibe is known for and a rigid body that keeps constant contact once you snuggle it into place.

What do you recommend for my first vibrator?

Ooooh! Your first vibrator?! We're very honored you'd pick Kinkly Shop to help fulfill those fantasies and add more pleasure to your life.

If you ask anyone about their first sex toy experience, you're bound to get a multitude of answers. Some people are going to tell you that it turned them off sex toys for awhile - and others are going to tell you that it worked okay but they ended up upgrading later on. Some people might even tell you about an infection or rash they got from using an unsafe material. (Don't worry! We don't have any of those here on Kinkly Shop!) And yet others are going to be unable to hide their enthusiasm as they tell you about how sex toys changed their life - and drastically improved their sex lives.

Our intent is to help you shop our range of vibrators and find one that works for you and your budget to make your first vibrator amazing. (Don't forget that we're available via Live Chat or email at any point. We can give you personalized help on whatever you're looking for, too.)

Here are some of our picks for a first vibrator - and we'll do our best to tell you the pros and cons of each option too.

FemmeFunn Booster Bullet

Especially easy to hide for those who need discretion, the FemmeFunn Booster Bullet packages powerful vibes into a tiny, under-5" design. While it won't necessarily be as powerful as more-expensive and larger options, its 20 vibration modes and included, discreet storage case can make this bullet vibe a stand-out for a first vibe when discretion and space tend to be at a premium.

Vibratex Magic Wand

If you're 100% sure powerful vibrations are for you, you really can't go wrong with the original Magic Wand. Its cord can be a bit annoying, but you really can't get stronger vibrations than this at this price point. If you misestimated and find that the vibrations are too powerful, remember that you can use the vibe over clothing, through a pillow, or through other fabrics to soften the sensations. (Just be aware that the Magic Wand is definitely on the loud side of things! This isn't a toy you can use with others home!)

Satisfyer Pro 2

If you're looking for a clitoral toy and want to experience suction toys, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is our introductory option for air suction pleasure that finds the sweet spot between price and power. It won't be as powerful as more-expensive air suction toys, but it lets you experience this sensation for yourself and determine if you want to upgrade later.

Hot Octopuss Jett

If you're a penis-owner looking for your first vibrator, the Hot Octopuss Jett is a really good start. Not only is it designed to be used hands-free, but it also includes two powerful bullet vibrators, an easy-to-control design, and a small footprint that's easy to hide. As a bonus, if you upgrade to other toys later, the Jett can still be a helpful toy in the bedroom - two bullet vibrators are awfully versatile!

We-Vibe Nova 2

If you're for-sure about clitoral and g-spot stimulation at the same time (rabbit vibrators are famous for a reason!), the We-Vibe Nova 2 is a fantastic beginner rabbit vibrator. The g-spot end hones into the g-spot with ease (even if you don't know where it is), and the constant-contact clitoral design ensures external pleasure no matter where you're at in your thrust. Plus, it's surprisingly, super-duper quiet. The only downside? It's definitely pricier. (Check out our We-Vibe Nova 2 review.)

Doc Johnson Velvet

If budget is your biggest consideration, the Doc Johnson Velvet is a fantastic starter vibe. As one of the lowest price toys we sell on Kinkly Shop, it isn't going to have the bells and whistles of its more-expensive counterparts, but it's reliable, offers incremental adjustment of the vibrations, body-safe, feels smooth against the skin, and is battery-operated for super-discreet storage and no need to charge it.

We want to try bondage for the first time. What should we get?

Welcome to the fun world of bondage! Not only does bondage provide all new different ways to interact during sex, but it also can be very intimate and trust-building to share the inability to "escape" with your partner. Not to mention all of the sexual fun from just plain being tied up!

If you're looking to try bondage for the first time, we always recommend one of our kinky restraints bondage kits. Not only does this give you everything you'd want in a single, value-packed purchase, but it also lets you experiment with a bunch of different things without having to "narrow down" your options.

And when you're just starting off with bondage, experimenting is a big part of the fun!

Here are some of our best-selling and most-recommended bondage kits for beginners:

Sportsheets Our First Bondage Kit

The Sportsheets Our First Bondage Kit is one of our best-selling bondage kits for jumping into bondage. The kit essentially has everything you need to start exploring bondage. It includes four cuffs (each with attached tether) and a blindfold. The attached-tether design really lets you get creative with your bondage positions. The tethers can tie to one another, tie to furniture, tie to other parts of the body, and more. This is a bondage set that can easily accompany you throughout your kink journey through the flexible tethers that can literally tie to anything!

Sportsheets Under-the-Bed Restraint Kit

If you already know you want to do bondage on your bed - and need to keep it as discreet as possible, we recommend the Under-The-Bed Restraint kit. It's our best-selling bondage item for a reason; it's a great kit! The nylon frame slides underneath any-sized mattress to turn your bed instantly into a bondage playground with cuffs that poke out from underneath the mattress for easy bondage. When you're done, the cuffs tuck back underneath the mattress - completely hidden until you're ready to play again!

Liberator Black Label Wedge Set

Want your first bondage set to pull double duty? Consider the Liberator Black Label Wedge set. When you want to explore bondage, the included cuffs easily clip onto the sex shape. When you just want to improve your intercourse angles and make sex better, however, the Liberator Wedge functions like a standard piece of sex furniture to help your bodies fit together even better. This piece of beginner-friendly BDSM sex furniture includes two cuffs and a blindfold to get you started ASAP on your newly-discovered kink journey.

Sportsheets Black Beginner's Handcuffs

If you just want to jump in and try something small, we really recommend the Sportsheets Black Beginner's Handcuffs. Not only are they super-comfortable to wear, but they fasten up easily with their Velcro design. If you ever choose to deepen your exploration into kink, their individual clip design means that these beginner's handcuffs can clip onto any other D-ring, O-ring, or bondage point - leaving you open for lots of ways to use them down the line even if you "graduate" past the "beginner" stage!

What's the best "bang for my buck"?

Nothing wrong with just wanting something - anything - awesome to add to your sex life - and we specialize in having lots and lots of awesome things to add to the bedroom. (In fact, we recommend subscribing to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to be updated on our Weekly Sale of the latest and coolest products in the sex toy world!)

While we can't tell you what the most value-added product will be for your bedroom adventures, we can become your tour-guide while we show you some of the most-often-bought items on Kinkly Shop - and explain how to really get the most out of each of these items.

FemmeFunn Booster Bullet

If you're looking for versatility, we really recommend a bullet vibrator. They're pretty much the "duct tape" of the sex world - they can go anywhere, fix anything, are pretty affordable, and work for pretty much anything. A powerful bullet vibe like the FemmeFunn Booster Bullet is slim enough to be easy to travel with, to fit between bodies, to be used alongside other sex toys, and to be used pretty much anywhere on the body. Bullet vibrators really pull their weight in the bedroom!

Hot Octopuss Jett

While the Hot Octopuss Jett was designed for hands-free use on a penis, that isn't the only way to use it. In fact, the Jett's design means that this sex toy comes with two powerful bullet vibrators - vibrators that can travel anywhere you want them regardless of pleasure spots! The Jett's flexible design makes it a fantastic companion for couples looking for toys that can provide multiple types of pleasure in the bedroom. (And even if you use it fully assembled, a hands-free penis vibrator offers a lot of versatile ways to use it too!)

Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Hemp Rope Bondage Kit

You can experience virtually any bondage position out there with rope bondage - which is why the Kink Bind & Tie Initiation Hemp Rope bondage kit can be such a versatile purchase. Not only does it include enough rope to do a lot of standard rope ties, but it also includes free online tutorials to teach you about the fundamentals of rope bondage. While rope bondage can be extremely versatile, be aware that it definitely takes time to learn: this isn't something you can expect to pick up in a day and have perfected in a week. Most rope bondage kinksters practice (at-least!) weekly to keep up with their skills to do those exquisite ties you see on social media.

Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex

Remote control vibrations, 2 motors, a flexible shaft, and a flared base? That opens up a whole lot of options! The flared base allows the Hot Octopuss Plex with Flex to be used vaginally or anally - and the super-flexible shaft ensures it'll be a great time either way. The included remote control makes for easy solo play - or the ability to pass off the remote if you're feeling it.

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3

A similar premise to the MysteryVibe Crescendo with a whole lot less bending, the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 is a vibrator that was designed to work for any body - and any coupling - to add some new sensations in the bedroom. The rotating head attached to one end offers pleasure to cylindrical body parts while the long, tapered opposing end offers a lot of penetration opportunities. It's a fun vibrator that can move from one activity to the next with ease! (Not to mention: it's super fun to explore with!)

Liberator Tula

Sex furniture? A great value? Really? Yes, actually! The Liberator Tula has a lot functionality packed into it! Made from high-density foam, the Tula can simply be used as a triangular bolster during sex to make your favorite positions more comfortable. The magic really happens when you use it with your favorite sex toys, though. Use the pouch on the side to hold your wand massagers and vibrators, hands-free, for play. Explore the top slot for hands-free riding of dildos and vibrators. Or use both at the same time with a partner! It's a whole lot of functionality packed into this triangular cushion! (And it's machine washable!)


Where do you ship? Do you ship discreetly?

We know that buying sex toys is a personal thing - and we do everything in our power to ensure that it stays as discreet as possible. (If you wanna tell your friends what you bought, that's on you, but we're not going to do it for you!)

We pack your order in nondescript envelopes and boxes - usually plain brown boxes or sturdy white, opaque shipping envelopes. We do not put our name anywhere on the package, and "KS Trading" will be the name on your billing statement.

Very-large items (like sex machines, BDSM sex furniture, or Liberator sex furniture) that ship directly from manufacturers may be packaged in different packaging - which may not be as discreet as Kinkly Shop's. We make note of those cases on our Specifications page for any products where it applies. If you're particularly concerned, please let us know via email, and we'll do our very-best to dig up images to show you exactly how the box will look.

We ship all throughout North America and through quite a bit of Europe as well (plus Australia!). You can view all of the countries we ship to on the International Shipping information area.

Due to sheer shipment size and some manufacturer limitations, some products may not be available for international shipment outside of the United States. Those limitations are always listed on the Specifications of a product page.

What are some common terms I'll see on Kinkly Shop, and what do they mean?

Like any industry, the sex toy industry has its own jargon. Not only does this make it easier to differentiate between different products, but it also makes it easier to describe what you're looking for - and what is or isn't included with any toy. (In fact, we have an entire dictionary of sex, fetish, kink, and sex toy terms just to help you out!)

When you hang around the sex toy world long enough, you'll start to memorize and know these terms as second-nature. Until then, this lil directory should help out:

Body-Safe: There is no certification organization that determines what "body-safe" is - so we always recommend caution when seeing it on packaging. The manufacturer gets to decide what "body-safe" means for them - and like everything sex toy, that can vary widely depending on the manufacturer. When we use it on Kinkly Shop, we use it to mean that the toy is phthalate-free and made from sterilizable materials that are unlikely to cause any unwanted reactions, rashes, or negative effects on your body from use (unless you happen to be allergic to the material!).

Flared Base: A "flared base" means that the toy has a long and flat "base" that anchors it outside of the body. "Flared base" tends to be used most often when talking about flared base dildos. This base makes it safe for anal play as it won't be able to be "sucked up" into the butt. Flared bases also tend to be equipped with lots of other fun features like suction cups.

Fluid-Bonded: If you're "fluid-bonded" with someone, it means that the idea of coming in contact with any of their bodily fluids (semen, blood, ejaculate, saliva) isn't a concern. In most cases, it means that you and that person have stopped using safer sex barriers (but still may rely on non-barrier methods of pregnancy prevention). As some sex toys may not be compatible with safer sex barriers, you and your partner would want to be fluid-bonded if choosing to use those sex toys. (Don't worry; we always make it clear in the product description when that's the case with a sex toy!)

Splashproof: "Splashproof" does NOT mean waterproof. Splashproof means that the sex toy can tolerate a few light splashes of water - but any submerging or constant water contact will likely break it. As "splashproof" is a continuum and the exact "tolerance" of splashproof will depend on the manufacturer who made it, we recommend treating most splashproof toys like they aren't water-safe to prolong their lifespans.

Spot Test: Anytime you see a recommendation to do a "spot test", it essentially means that you need to test your sex toy and your lube's compatibility. This term is most-commonly used with silicone-based lubes and silicone sex toys, but it can apply to anything. Essentially, some non-water-based lubes might interact (in a bad way!) with the surface of your sex toy - and can destroy the material of the sex toy through chemical interactions.

When you see a recommendation to do a spot test, it means to put a dab of lube somewhere on a non-important part of the sex toy (like a spot underneath it or on the base). Leave it there for awhile. You're looking to see if the two materials have any interactions. You're looking for a warping of the material or any change in the texture/sensation of the material - like gumminess or stickiness. If the two interact with one another, you shouldn't use that lube with that sex toy, or you'll risk destroying it.

Waterproof: Waterproof means that the sex toy is safe for submerging underwater. This makes it super easy to clean - and it also means that it can go in places your non-waterproof toys can't - but not everywhere! In virtually all cases, your sex toy is not rated for deep-sea diving! Did you know that "waterproof" capabilities are actually a manufacturing industry scale? Most waterproof sex toys rate on the shallower end of that scale - since the majority of users only want to take them into a hot tub, bath tub, shower, or private pool. Even though your sex toy is waterproof, keep it away from super-deep depths and high-pressure water jets (like hot tub jets!).

What is your return policy?

What currency will I be billed in?

If you use a credit card, your order will be billed in United States Dollars. (USD$) We try to make it as convenient as possible to understand the price of items by offering the ability to view prices in your native currency, but our billing platform only allows us to make the final charge in a single currency if using a credit card.

If you'd like to be billed in CAD, we recommend using Sezzle during checkout. It will allow you to pay in CAD with no currency exchange.

Can I use multiple giftcards on one order?

Yes! If you have multiple Kinkly Shop giftcards, you can apply all of them to a single order.

How do I check on the status of my order?

We keep you up-to-date on every part of your order via email.

You'll receive these emails during the order process:

  • Order Confirmation right after you order
  • Order Shipment Confirmation when your order ships with tracking information
  • Order Out-for-Delivery when your order is scheduled to be delivered that day
  • Order Succesful Delivery to let you know the package has been dropped off and is there for you


We hope these emails are helpful for figuring out where your order is - and when it's going to be there. If you have further questions beyond that, you can always reach out via Live Chat or our email. We just need your order number (or the email address you ordered with!) to provide you details about your package. In the interest of privacy, you may be asked to verify information about your order before any information is provided.

How big is a specific toy?

We've heard more-than-a-few stories of buying the most-amazing butt plug - only to find that it's so much larger/smaller in-person than you had imagined it by viewing product pictures! (Our staff members have the hilarious stories to match!)

For that reason, we list the measurements of most products we sell on Kinkly Shop right in the Specifications. When possible, we include product photos of the product being held or videos that show it being handled to give you a good idea of the size.

We recommend pulling out a ruler to ensure that your new, potential toy is the right size for you. (In fact, if you can measure any of your previous toys, this can give you a great "starting point" for figuring out how your new, potential toy compares to what you've used before. If you don't have toys, measuring the fingers you're currently using can be a great starting point.)

If you're still having problems visualizing how large a toy is, you can always reach out to Live Chat support - or send us an email. We're especially great at helping you decide between similar toys. We're here to help!

What type of lube works for the toy I want to buy?

The lovely thing about water-based lube is that it, quite literally, works on everything. You could slather the stuff on your doorframe to stop squeaky doors too. Their water-based formulas pretty much make them very friendly to virtually anything you use them on.

So when in doubt, go with a water-based lube! It works with every single thing we sell. Here's even a handy-dandy link that only displays water-based options in our lubes section!

Water-based lubes aren't without their downsides, though. The biggest one being that they tend to dry up more quickly than any other type of lube. This is why some people like to go with silicone-based lubes or oil-based lubes.

Both of those lubes last much longer - but they also can be incompatible with certain important things - like your sex toys or condoms. A lot of people love silicone-based lubes for skin-on-skin pleasure - and oil-based can be fantastic for anal play or penile masturbation.

Sound complicated? It can be at first, but you'll pick it up pretty quickly; we promise. Here's an entire article about lube types (just to help!).

But if you want the easy answer: just pick a water-based lube. We tell you the lube type of every lube we sell right in the product description.

What if my toy doesn't work when I get it?

That's what our return policy is for! We wish that every toy that left our warehouse was the perfectly-functioning pinnacle of pleasure, but we know how it important it is that your new sex toy be touched by as few hands as possible. This means we don't take every toy out of its box and test it for you.

This means that, inevitably, sometimes toys may be shipped that have defects - or the rough handling of the ultra-busy postal service might end up breaking your toy.

Don't worry; we offer a 30-day return policy for all defective items that you can read here. (It's pretty simple. Just email us with your order number - and preferably provide a photo or video of the toy's malfunction!) We might help you troubleshoot a bit first (those pesky Travel Lock functions have tripped up our staff too!), but if it's still problematic, we'll get you a new one.

Past that 30 days, many of our sex toy manufacturers offer their own warranties against factory defects in workmanship or parts. Where applicable, we list them in the product Specifications for easy-access. Common warranty lengths range from 90 days all the way to 2 years - with Satisfyer items offering a 15 year warranty!

If you ever have a question about your toy's warranty, feel free to reach out, and we'll get you pointed in the right direction.

How do you choose what products to carry on Kinkly Shop?

If you've been around us long enough on, you know that body-safety, body-positivity, and a pleasurable sex life is pretty much everything we stand for.

We wanted a sex toy shop that reflected that.

We created Kinkly Shop because we wanted to make sex toy shopping stress-free and FUN. When you're looking for something to bring into the bedroom (or anywhere else you bring your sex toys; we don't judge), you shouldn't have to worry about getting stuck with a dud - or buying something that technically "works" but barely so. You shouldn't have to worry about getting infections from your toy - or anything else that a quality sex toy won't do.

Everything in the Kinkly Shop is chosen specifically by our staff and sex educators - and the occasional requests from customers!

For example, we were receiving quite a few requests for penis pumps. If you've ever shopped for a pump, you know that the market is pretty saturated - and quite a few pumps are more frustrating than helpful. While it took us a few months to find a pump that worked exactly how it claimed, we were able to add the Bathmate Hydromax Pumps to the shop - confident that they're body-safe, work as they claim to do, and provide the pleasure and hardening results that people are looking for.

And if we received lots of customer feedback that said that that pump didn't work as promised or posed any safety hazards, we'd pull that toy off the shelves in a heartbeat - just like we've done with a couple of toys over the years. We're always customer first - always.

We made Kinkly Shop for one more very important reason: because we believe everyone deserves all the love and pleasure they want to have - whether that's solo-love, coupled-love, orgy-love, polyam-love, sex-toy-love, or anything else! We're in the business of making your pleasure time awesome - and we think that's pretty much the coolest job there is.

Are your toys genuine?

We get it: we've seen what's available at some big box stores, and we understand your nervousness.

Needless to say, we only sell genuine, straight-from-the-manufacturer products here at Kinkly Shop.

(In fact, we had our own experience with some retailers trying to counterfeit the Kinkly brand!)

If you ever have a question about it, please feel comfortable reaching out. We want you to feel safe shopping here.

Will you mail me catalogs or other junk?

Definitely not!

We will never, ever, ever snail mail you anything outside of the products you order. We literally don't even make any snail mail to even possibly send to you. It's just not where we spend our time.

When you purchase, all of your order correspondence will be done via email. You'll receive an Order Confirmation email after you place your order and a Shipment email with tracking information when your order ships. You'll also receive emails when your order is out for delivery - and when it has been delivered: just to make sure you have full awareness of where your package is at any moment.

Depending on what you purchased, you may receive a few helpful emails from us a couple weeks after your purchase with instructions about how to use the toy or how to care for it. You may also receive an email asking you to review your purchase a few weeks after purchase; we love to ensure we're carrying products that consistantly get good ratings!

After purchase, you will be automatically signed up to our Kinkly Shop email list - just to keep you informed about what's going on with the Shop and help you take part in some awesome deals.

If you're ever not interested in receiving our Kinkly Shop emails, you can click "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of every email - and you'll be unsubscribed from all future emails.

Don't worry; unsubscribing from our email list will NEVER affect your ability to receive any order updates from us.

How do I unsubscribe from browser notifications?

We appreciate you wanting to keep up with the workings of Kinkly Shop!

But if you're wanting to unsubscribe from the browser notifications that pop-up, on Chrome, simply:

  • Click the lock icon to the left of the website address (the URL) in your web browser while on
  • Click on "Site Settings".
  • Find the word "Notifications". You can manually allow, deny, or block any notification here.


On Firefox:

  • Click on the two lines with circles to the left of the website address (the URL) in your web browser while on
  • Hit the "X" on the box that says "Allowed" next to "Send Notifications".


Other browser information can be found here.

Since these notifications are done by your browser, we're unable to unsubscribe you from them; it's something you have to do yourself. Please reach out if you need any help.

Remember: you can always sign up for our mailing list if you want to keep up with Kinkly Shop in a way that might be a better fit for you!

Do you have any coupon codes available?

We got you, boo. You can use the coupon code "FAQEXPERT" for 5% off your entire order. Consider it a reward for reading through our Frequently Asked Questions page. We love you for it.


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