Explore Sex Furniture Products and Positions

Elevate your intimate moments with our curated guide through sensational sex positions, enhanced by the artful inclusion of specialized sex furniture. Experience deeper connections, intensified pleasure, and explore new dimensions of passion. Discover a world of possibilities where every angle ignites desire. Your journey to ultimate satisfaction begins here.

Little Lift Position

Liberator Wedge shown next to an illustrated Little Lift Position. Receiving partner on stomach with hips propped on wedge while partner penetrates from behind. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Wedge

Want to go deep? Get the perfect angle for the Little Lift position with the help of the Liberator Wedge. The Wedge’s 27-degree is designed for the deep penetration.

Bind and Bang Position

Liberator Black Label Wedge shown next to an illustrated Bind and Bang Sex Position. The receiving partner lays on their back with their hips propped up in the air by the Wedge. Their wrists are bound to the Wedge. The penetrating partner kneels up against the Wedge for sex. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Black Label Wedge

A little bondage can add a little kink to a modified Missionary Position. Use the simple bondage attachment points on the Liberator Black Label Wedge to turn this modified missionary position into the Bind and Bang.

Double Mount Penetration Position

Liberator Bon Bon shown next to an illustrated Double Mount Double Penetration Sex Position. The receiving person is bending over a Liberator Bon Bon sex shape that holds a dildo that they're using. At the same time, the penetrating partner comes from behind and penetrates the receiving partner for hot double penetration. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator BonBon

G-spot and clitoral stimulation? Yes, please! The Double Mount Penetration Position makes use of Liberator’s BonBon Sex Toy Mount to deliver the best of both worlds. The mount is designed to hold a vibrator of your choice for maximum pleasure.

Private Rubdown Position

Liberator Bondi shown next to an illustrated Private Rubdown Sex Position: The receiving partner is laying flat on their stomach on top of a soft surface with their wrists bound above their head. The giving partner straddles them, rubbing their back and aligning the genitals for penetration. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Bondi

Bondage, sex and a back massage? Sounds like a perfect date night to us! The Private Rubdown Position uses the Liberator Bondi Portable Bondage Board, making this bondage position as safe and easy as they come. This full-sized bondage board is also super portable, so you can indulge anywhere inside - or outside - your home.

Browse and Buzz Position

Liberator Axis with a wand massager shown next to an illustrated Browse and Buzz position. A solo person is laying down on their stomach. A triangular piece of sex furniture is propped underneath them, holding a vibrator between their thighs. The person uses their laptop with both hands as the sex furniture is holding the vibrator in place for them. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Axis

Who says you need a partner, anyway? All you need is some erotic content and the Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount and you’re all set for a hot night in with the Browse and Buzz. The Liberator Axis is designed to securely hold your favorite vibe in place - it even has a window cut-out to allow you adjust the controls.

Standing Oral Position

Liberator Equus Wave shown next to an illustrated Standing Oral sex position. A vulva-owner is standing with one of their feet on an elevated surface, their knee at a 90-degree angle. This gives space for the giving partner to sit on their butt beneath the vulva-owning partner to give oral sex with minimal neck strain. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Equus Wave

Stand and allow your partner to deliver with the help of the Liberator Equus Wave. If your knees get weak (and we hope they do!), the Equus Wave is a veritable sexual playground, offering virtually unlimited position and angle options - including the Standing Oral position.

Hole Lot of Love Position

Liberator Tula shown next to an illustrated Hole Lot of Love sex position. A person straddles the sex furniture piece with a dildo held upright in the piece of furniture. They can now use the toy hands-free. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Tula

Whether you’re looking to grind one out solo or put on a show for your partner, the Hole Lot of Love Position is pure sex magic when you incorporate the Liberator Tula. Get down with some clitoral stimulation by inserting a wand vibrator, or insert your favorite dildo for penetrative play.

Twin Standing Pleasure Position

Liberator Axis with a wand massager shown next to an illustrated Twin Standing Pleasure Wand Massager Sex Position. A person with a clitoris is standing upright with their clit positioned on top of a wand massager that is being held by a sex shape called the Liberator Axis. The partner of the clitoris owner then comes up from behind to penetrate them. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Axis

Who wouldn’t want more free hands during sex? The Axis Mount from Liberator is the next best thing. Designed to hold a vibrator firmly in place, it allows the receiving partner to enjoy pleasure from both sides in the Twin Standing Pleasure Position.

Assisted Queen Position

Liberator Black Label Wedge shown next to an illustrated Assisted Queen oral sex position. The giving partner is laying down with their head elevated on a Liberator Wedge and their wrists bound on the Wedge. The receiving partner is kneeling on top of the Wedge and giving partner's face. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Black Label Wedge

Go down on the Queen with the Liberator Black Label Wedge in the Assisted Queen position. This best-selling positioning aid includes bondage points on each side and comes with two compatible cuffs and a blindfold. It’s the ultimate kit for power exchange play.

Seated Royalty Sex Position

XR Queening Chair

Facesitting and queening just got a lot more comfortable with help from the XR Brand Queening Chair. The receiver gets a plushy throne while the giver can easily breathe for sexy marathon sessions. Plus, with the help of the XR Brands Queening Chair, you can easily add bondage to the Seated Royalty Position (if you're ready for it!)

Suplex Position

Liberator Equus Wave shown next to an illustrated Suplex Cunnilingus Sex Position. The giver is seated on a high platform. The receiver is lying down with their hips on the giver's lap and their head on the floor. The giver bends over to give oral sex. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Equus Wave

If great oral action isn’t enough of a headrush for you, try the Suplex position using the Liberator Equus Wave. This sturdy, versatile shape can be adapted to all kinds of other fun too. When you’re through, it’s also a comfy place to read!

Hamstring Stretch Position

Liberator Axis shown next to an illustrated Hamstring Stretch Sex Position. receiver begins by putting the Axis Sex Toy Mount under their lower back with legs resting on the partner's shoulders to give access to their vagina or anus | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Axis

This position is all about angles - a sexy view, the potential for deeper penetration .. oh! And did we mention you can also add hands-free vibration to the mix? Give the Hamstring Stretch Position a try with the Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount. The mount is designed to hold a Magic Wand firmly in position so that the penetrating partner can enjoy a buzz.

Marc Anthony Position

Liberator Hipster

The sensual curves of the Liberator Hipster give this pseudo-Missionary position easier access, more comfort, and better g-spot/p-spot positioning! Try the Marc Anthony position for yourself!

Saddle Up Position

Liberator Steed shown next to an illustrated Saddle Up Position image. The giving partner is straddling the Steed lengthwise with their stomach and knees supported by the various-height platforms of the spanking horse shape. The receiving partner is standing to the side of the Steed to receive oral sex. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Steed

Intense oral pleasure has never been more comfortable for both of you! The Liberator Steed offers a comfortable, supportive surface for the Saddle Up position - complete with the option for bondage!

Melody Maker Position

Liberator Flip-Ramp shown next to an illustrated Melody Maker Sex Position. The receiving partner is draped over top of a foot rest with their legs hanging off one end and their head hanging off the other end. They spread their legs, and the penetrating partner slides between them to penetrate. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Flip Ramp

If you like Missionary Position, you’ll love the Melody Maker. Use the Liberator Flip Ramp as a comfortable, sturdy base for the receiving partner. You’ll be making beautiful music together in no time.

Teeter Totter Position

Liberator Scoop Rocker shown next to an illustrated The Teeter Totter sex position. The penetrating partner is seated in the middle of the Scoop Rocker, straddling the shape with both feet flat on the floor on both sides of it. The receiving partner is seated in their lap, leaned back towards one end of the shape while their feet rest on the opposite end of the shape. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Scoop Rocker

Have you ever had sex in a rocking chair? That sounds like it has potential, right? The Teeter Totter Position with the Liberator Scoop Rocker is even better. Get the sense of playfulness and movement you’re after on this firm, supportive platform that’s also designed for your comfort and safety.

Four Points, One Bar Position

STRICT Spreader Bar

This strenuous bondage position only requires a single piece of gear: a STRICT Spreader Bar. We know it looks hot, but make sure to read all the Four Points, One Bar safety information first!

Over-the-Wedge Position

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo shown next to an illustrated Over the Wedge Sex Position. Couple using Liberator Wedge and Ramp for a forward angled, doggy style sex position | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

Send your partner Over-the-Wedge with the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. Unlike your couch cushions, this piece of supportive furniture is designed to put two bodies in the best possible alignment. Also unlike your couch cushions, the Wedge/Ramp Combo includes bondage attachments and a machine-washable cover.

Bend-Over-Boyfriend Position

Liberator Obeir spanking bench shown next to an illustrated Bend Over Boyfriend Position. Partner bent over and receiving a spanking from standing partner. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Obeir

Does someone need a spanking? Bend them over the Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench, tie them down with the included velcro cuffs, and give that naughty boy what he deserves in the Bend Over Boyfriend position. You Queen, you.

Ride and Ram Position

Cowgirl sex machine shown next to an illustrated Ride and Ram sex position. The receiving partner is straddling a large, saddle-style vibrator (like the Sybian or Cowgirl). Their are on their hands and knees. The penetrating partner is on their knees behind them, resting their upper body on top of the rider's back, to achieve penetration. | Kinkly Shop

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Sometimes you just deserve all the pleasure. The Ride and Ram Position deliver with the help of a Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine. This comfortable, ergonomic saddle delivers six powerful vibration patterns, two body-safe silicone attachments and the potential to have the ride of your life.

Synchronous Friction Position

Liberator Throw sex blanket shown next to an illustrated Synchronous Friction position. Two people lay on a bed on their backs. One person's head points towards the headboard, and the other's head points towards the footboard. They each lay the leg closest to their partner overtop of their partner's chest. Each person has their hand in-between their other partner's thighs. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Fascinator Throw

Mutual masturbation is an often-overlooked pleasure but we’re here for it! In the Synchronous Friction Position - or any position, really - we recommend the Liberator Fascinator Throw as a base. It’s plush, comfy, can absorb moisture like a sponge and easily washes up in the machine. In other words, it’s the sex tool you never knew you needed.

Ramp It Up Position

Liberator Ramp

Use the Liberator Ramp as a bolster in this standing sex position for easier balance. The edge of the Ramp's soft, supportive surface works wonders for the Ramp It Up position!

Carnal Clutch Position

Liberator Talea

The Carnal Clutch position partners a bit of bondage, deep penetration, and eye contact for a must-try position - and it all gets much easier when the Liberator Talea becomes a leverage point for both partners. Enjoy deep penetration in this standing sex position without all the sweating!

Subservient Smooching Position

Liberator Bastion shown next to an illustrated Subservient Smooching Position image. Both partners are kneeling on the ground, facing one another. The bound partner's wrists and head are contained in the Liberator Bastion stocks. The other partner is controlling a leash that's connected to the front of the stocks, pulling the bound partner in for a kiss. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Bastion

Who says intercourse has to get all of the fun?! The soft, plushy Liberator Bastion stocks make it possible to bring the Subservient Smooching position to life, offering the hottest make-out session you've probably ever had. It even has bondage points for a leash!

Rhombus Position

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo photo shown next to an illustrated Rhombus position image. The penetrating partner is laying on their back with their upper back supported by the Ramp and a Wedge tucked under their knees to raise their legs. The receiving partner is straddling their hips in a Cowgirl position.

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo

Support your body at both ends to instantly change up traditional "Cowgirl" position. The Rhombus position combines some of our customer's favorite Liberator sex furniture uses into a single, explosive sex position!

Elevated Oral Position

Liberator Ramp photo shown next to an illustrated Elevated Oral position image. The receiving partner is laying, flat on their back, on the Ramp with their hips at the tallest end of the Ramp. The giving partner is kneeling in front of the tall end of the Ramp, face between the receiver's thighs, to give oral sex. | Kinkly Shop

Liberator Ramp

Say good-bye to neck strain during oral by elevating the receiver's hips. The Liberator Ramp cradles the receiver's body, placing them at the perfect height for a mid-day dalliance. The best part? The Ramp supports all of the weight, leaving the giver's hands free to add toys or more stimulation!