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Side view of the Oxballs Double Thruster up against a white background. The head of the dildo is pronounced with a thinner shaft to fit alongside a biological penis. It is in a jet black, midnight color. | Kinkly ShopIllustration showing the Oxballs Double Thruster attached to a penis via illustration. It showcases the different ways the Oxballs Double Thruster can be used including strapping it alongside an erection, strapping it onto a flaccid penis, or strapping it onto a penis that changes hardness during play. | Kinkly Shop
Oxballs GlowholeThe Oxballs Glowhole shown in different colors as the included LED light scrolls through all of the different color options during wear. | Kinkly Shop
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Oxballs Hulk penis extender up against a white background. This from-the-side angle showcases the internal channel where the biological penis goes as well as where the chamber ends before the pronounced head of the external design. | Kinkly ShopOxballs Hulk penis extender photoshopped next to two stacked soda cans. The extender is taller than both stacked cans! | Kinkly Shop
Oxballs ERGO butt plug in Medium, Smoke coloration | Kinkly ShopComposite image of the Oxballs ERGO butt plug with a comparison over all of its five sizes, Extra-Large to Extra-Large | Kinkly Shop
Oxballs Oxballs ERGO
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The Oxballs Sackjack up against a white background. The toy looks semi see-through, but the ribbing ridges inside the shaft and testicle portion can still be seen. There's a large hole at the base (that would go against the pelvic) and a smaller hole near the tip (which would align with the tip of the penis). | Kinkly ShopClose-up looks down the entrance hole of the Oxballs Sackjack to showcase the ribbing ridges that run throughout the entire length of the toy. The ridges look pretty pronounced for a pleasurable texture during wear. | Kinkly Shop
Top-down view of the Oxballs Jack't stroker. The protruding finger hole is very prominent in this view, showcasing where a finger could be slid in to make it easier to keep a good grip on the toy. | Kinkly ShopTop down view of the semi-translucent Oxballs Jack't stroker. This showcases the protruding nubbed texture near the entrance of the stroker that transitions into a thick, ribbing through the rest of the stroker. The stretchy finger hole on one side of the stroker can also be viewed to make it easier to keep ahold of this stroker during use. | Kinkly Shop

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