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The XR Brands Prisms Vibra-Glass Pari up against a white background. The vibrator has a very curved design that looks like a light S-curve. One half of the toy is made from a clear glass while the other end is made from a purple silicone. | Kinkly ShopAnother view of the XR Brands Prisms Vibra-Glass Pari. | Kinkly Shop
The Sportsheets Saffron Finger Flogger up against a white background. The flogger is laid out in a U-shape. This makes it fit easily into a square photo format while showcasing the two finger loops that function as a "handle" very clearly. | Kinkly ShopThe Sportsheets Saffron Finger Flogger up against a white background. With the tails splayed out, it showcases how the tails are both red and black. There's a braided knot that connects all of the tails together near the finger loops. | Kinkly Shop
The Nexus Simul8 - Stroker Edition up against a white background. This all-in-one image showcases the two cock rings, the buttons on the base, the magnetic charging port on the base, and the insertable prostate shaft. | Kinkly ShopGIF of the Nexus Simul8 - Stroker Edition. It shows the stroking bead in the Simul8 Stroker moving up and down to stimulate the prostate. The text on the GIF reads: "Unique stroker technology. 5 stroker speeds." | Kinkly Shop
The Nexus Thrust prostate stimulator up against a white background. The handle looks thick and easy to grasp with a tip that targets the p-spot. There are ridges throughout the insertable shaft where the thrusting movement occurs. | Kinkly ShopGIF of the Nexus Thrust. It shows the thrusting motion of the tip of the Nexus Thrust. The text on the GIF reads: "3 thrusting speeds. Slow, medium, fast vibrations." | Kinkly Shop
The FemmeFunn Cadenza up against a white background. Two arrows point up and down to showcase how the FemmeFunn Cadenza is a thrusting toy with a tip that thrusts itself. | Kinkly ShopGIF shows a hand holding the tip of the FemmeFunn Cadenza in a glass of water. As the FemmeFunn Cadenza's intensity level is turned up, the water splashes out of the glass and all over the place. | Kinkly Shop
Oxballs Hulk penis extender up against a white background. This from-the-side angle showcases the internal channel where the biological penis goes as well as where the chamber ends before the pronounced head of the external design. | Kinkly ShopOxballs Hulk penis extender photoshopped next to two stacked soda cans. The extender is taller than both stacked cans! | Kinkly Shop
The Satisfyer Men Vibration+ up against a white background. There are multiple badges surrounding the toy. The badges read "Also usable with free App. CES Innovation Awards 2021 Honoree. Vibration" | Kinkly ShopThe Satisfyer Men Vibration+ in front of a white background with arrows and written features pointing out different parts of the toy. The text reads: "Product Features. Control Vibrations. Satisfyer Connect enabled for an infinite range of programs. sensual head stimulation through vibrations. Magnetic charging connection. Narrowing tunnel for intensified stimulation. Made of body-safe silicone." | Kinkly Shop
Tenga Bobble in Magic Marbles up against a white background | Kinkly ShopGIF of the Tenga Bobble in use. On the left side, an illustration shows how the different firmer-density cubes are pushed out of the way by a glass cylinder as it slides inside. On the right hand side of the GIF, the same thing is shown with a glass dildo and a hand holding the stroker. | Kinkly Shop
Tenga Tenga Bobble
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The Lovense Exomoon in front of a white background. The lid is removed and laying behind the vibrator which is standing upright like a tube of lipstick. | Kinkly ShopGIF of the Lovense Exomoon bouncing around in a pool of water. It is bouncing and splashing everywhere. The text on the GIF reads "Strong vibrations". | Kinkly Shop
Both dildos included in the GLAS Double Pleasure Set sitting out in front of a white background. The pink dildo is slightly thicker and shorter than the clear dildo. Both are double-ended. | Kinkly ShopTwo outstretched, flat hands hold the two dildos in the GLAS Double Pleasure Set kit. This side-by-side comparison showcases the different thickness, length, and angles of the two included dildos. | Kinkly Shop
A close up of the ROMP Riot bullet vibrator up against a white background. | Kinkly ShopThe ROMP Riot bullet vibrator laying out on a white background with everything the vibrator comes with. It has the vibrator, the charging cable, instruction manuals, and a sticker sheet. | Kinkly Shop
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A side view of the ROMP Amp. This angle showcases how wide the base of the beads are compared to the graduated sizing of the three beads. | Kinkly ShopA hand holds the ROMP Amp up against a flat surface. They press the beads' tip into the flat surface showcasing as the flexible toy bends under the pressure of the movement. | Kinkly Shop
Sale price$17.99

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