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STRICT Spreader Bar | Kinkly ShopClose up of the cuffs of the STRICT Spreader Bar. The image shows the locking buckle that each one of the cuffs has. | Kinkly Shop
Nuru Inflatable Vinyl Massage Sheet mat when laid out flat and fully inflated. The edges of the entire mat are elevated with round, inflated barriers. It looks like the shortest inflatable "pool" you could imagine - but it's much longer and rectangular. | Kinkly ShopPackaging for the Nuru Inflatable Vinyl Massage Sheet. It shows a couple utilizing the mat in their swimsuits. The tall person laying flat on the mat easily fits within the confines of the mat - even with their legs spread. | Kinkly Shop
XR Bangin' Bench up against a white background with the dildo riser attached to it. | Kinkly ShopThe XR Bangin' Bench with the dildo riser set up underneath it. A dildo is strapped onto the harness on the dildo riser to showcase how the XR Bangin' Bench can be used for hands-free dildo pleasure. | Kinkly Shop
XR Brands Extreme Sling shown hanging from a hanging point with no person in it. | Kinkly ShopXR Brands Extreme Sling hanging from a swing frame with a person laying back in it. The person is wearing panties with their legs spread and feet in the comfortable feet rests. They look very comfortable and supported. | Kinkly Shop
Tailz Puppy Play Set | Kinkly ShopTailz Puppy Play Set | Kinkly Shop
XR SexFlesh Both Ways masturbator. Straight-on angle showcases the two different options with this stroker - an open anal hole as well as a sturdy, protruding dildo. | Kinkly ShopSide view of the XR SexFlesh Both Ways showcases the long, protruding length of the dildo. It also shows the realistic, hanging balls as well as the extra material around the dildo and penis stroker that make up the "thighs" of the limited sex doll. | Kinkly Shop
CleanStream Enema BulbCleanStream Enema Bulb
Lingam Glass Dildo Flogger in front of a white background. The handle includes multiple bulbs that make it easier to handle and make it more pleasurable as an insertable toy. The suede tails look lightweight. | Kinkly ShopPackaging for the Lingam Glass Dildo Flogger. It comes in a see-through box that easily showcases the toy that's inside of the box. There is a lot of excess plastic, and it can't be used for long-term storage of the toy. | Kinkly Shop
The XR Brands Prisms Vibra-Glass Pari up against a white background. The vibrator has a very curved design that looks like a light S-curve. One half of the toy is made from a clear glass while the other end is made from a purple silicone. | Kinkly ShopAnother view of the XR Brands Prisms Vibra-Glass Pari. | Kinkly Shop
Bottle of the Nuru Couple's Body Massage Gel. It has a pump-top design. | Kinkly ShopTwo hands covered in Nuru Couple's Body Massage Gel are slowly pulling apart from one another. This leaves strings of the slick gel visible between the two hands to showcase the gooey-ness of the Nuru Couple's Body Massage Gel. | Kinkly Shop

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