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What is electric sex? At its core, electro stim sex is the use of electricity for erotic, sensual, or orgasmic pleasure. As opposed to vibrations or other methods of manual stimulation, electro stim sex toys rely on electrical currents to provide pleasure. Use of electric sex play activates the body's nerve impulses and muscle contractions for sensations that can vary from light, tingly, and tickly all the way up to powerful, hands-free orgasms! (This short definition touches on the basics, but we have a thorough electro sex definition if you want to know more!)

Of course, you might wonder: are electric sex toys safe? And yes, they definitely are! The curated selection that we carry here at Kinkly Shop is especially designed for sexual play - and only works within a intensity range designed for healthy (and orgasmic!) play. As with any type of niche sexual experience, though, you should make sure your body is in a state where electro stim sex toys are safe for you. (Check out more safety information with our Electrosex for Couples guide)

Are you brand new to electro stim sex? While finding the best estim sex toy for you will take some time, we highly recommend starting off with the Neon Wand or our other stand-alone electric sex toys. These are the best estim sex toys for beginners because of their "plug and play" design. Read the instruction manual, plug it in (or charge it!), and you instantly have electro sex equipment that's easy to use and simple to pick up.

Prefer to get the best electro stim sex toys for you and build an entire estimulation collection? That's where the Powerbox electro sex equipment comes in. While the Neon Wand and stand-alone electric sex toys are the most beginner-friendly options we have, some people prefer the added levels of customization available with a TENS Unit powerbox. Purchase a Powerbox, and it will "power" all of the other electro stim sex toys you choose to pick up. We have a huge selection, including electro sex for men toys, and with a Powerbox, you can power them all!

Looking for more information? We know, electro stim sex can be a bit intimidating! That's why we offer even more information to get you started! Know 9 Things to Check Before Playing with Electrosex. Completely new? We really recommend our Electro Sex 101: Everything You Need to Know about Electro Sex.

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