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Showing 73 - 80 of 80 products
Master Series Squat Impaler | Kinkly ShopAn illustrated design shows how the Master Series Squat Impaler functions. The person's ankles are separated by the metal bar while a protruding, vertical metal bar ends up between the person's legs. This protruding metal bar shows a dildo attached to it. The image has a disclaimer that states "dildo not included". | Kinkly Shop
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Spread'em for Sex
Kinkly Shop Spread'em for Sex
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Having You For DessertHaving You For Dessert
Kinkly Shop Having You For Dessert
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Every image included in the Spartacus Kink Kit. The image shows the blindfold, the Latigo leather slapper, the kink cuffs, and the nipple clamps. | Kinkly ShopThe two included cuffs within the Spartacus Kink Kit. It shows that they use standard belt buckles for fastening. | Kinkly Shop
The two cuffs and the satin blindfold of the Sportsheets Cuffs and Blindfold Set laid out flat on a plain white background. | Kinkly ShopThe two cuffs of the Sportsheets Cuffs and Blindfold Set are fastened shut and resting in a circular shape. The two, attached, golden connectors are attached to one another, binding the two cuffs to one another with no additional hardware. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Leather Ankle Restraints - Kinkly ShopSportsheets Leather Ankle Restraints - Kinkly Shop

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