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All Beginners Should Own These

The thought of handcuffs is very sexy, but few actually consider all the benefits that Super Cuffs specifically bring to the bedroom ,or dungeon, etc. Whatever your fancy.

The neoprene material of Super Cuffs means that you won't have metal digging into your skin (even when they are fuzzy cuffs) for when the intensity of pleasure is too much to bear. Both the cuffs, and the velcro restraints are adjustable, and you have the peace of mind that you won't lose a key! Let's also not forget that wetsuits are made from neoprene, so, Super Cuffs can be used in the shower.

In comparison to Sports Cuffs, I prefer the Super Cuffs because the metal rings and links that hold Sports Cuffs together can be bent more easily, and tear through the material holding them together. Furthermore, when you pull on Sports Cuffs, the neoprene stretches more. The Super Cuffs interlocking binding keeps them nice, and tightly together, just like your little pleasure slave should be.

The only gripe product wise that I can think of, is that Super Cuffs cannot really be made part of other Sport Sheets products, say for example if in case the cuffs on the Neck and Wrist restraint break.

I really wish Sport Sheets would incorporate a design more like this one in future products.

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