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Power tripper

I love it , she not crazy about yet , her issue is the electricity made her feel drained and tired !


It gives punishment but leaves no mark,

And lets you send your lover a spark,

Then their skin stings,

But their body sings,

As their flashing *ss lights up the dark.

Must-Have for the Neon Wand

I can't believe how many different ways to play the Power Tripper opens up. It's honestly unbelievable. This pretty much makes your entire "body" a Neon Wand. So every touch you give your partner is electrified - whether during oral, hugging, kissing, sex, and more. Seriously, it's amazing.

It gets more fun when you start messing with accessories. I have a metal pinwheel that becomes electrified as soon as I pick it up. I picked up a metallic flogger that becomes electrified too. And my electro-conductive rope means all my rope bondage is instantly electrified too.

It's honestly a really, really fun toy - though if you're a Top who doesn't necessarily like electrosex sensations, you'll probably want to keep the current on the low end. As a Top, you definitely can feel some of the electricity when you touch your partner (because it's your fingers too), and since the Neon Wand's intensity decreases because it has to run through your entire body, it means you need to up it on the Neon Wand in order to get the same intensity as if you'd just touched the Neon Wand itself to your partner. So that's something to consider.

Love the hell out of it, and I can't believe it isn't a default accessory with the Neon Wand. It's so easy to play with and opens so many doors.

Boost your Play....

Want to boost your play? This is the item that raises the game. Can use it on your sub or yourself and you become the to speak. Great item and well made. Always use proper safety procedures.

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