Trail of Roses

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Don't Go for Real

In a grand romantic gesture, I went out of my way to get real rose petals from the store - and spread them over the bed. It had the desired intent, and we had a really great time that was straight out of a romantic movie where we romped on top of the rose petals.

And when we were done, the natural redness of the real-life rose petals had rubbed off all over our white comforter - which still isn't entirely spot-free years later.

Ooops. I bought this shortly thereafter, and we've used it ever since. A couple of the petals are a bit frayed after a couple of uses, but they look really realistic when scattered about. If someone picks them up, you can tell that they aren't real, but at a glance and from a distance, they look exactly like the real thing.

And my comforter is so much happier.

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