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He likes it.

It's replaced me so must be good 🤣


Overall it is decent. Not what I was expecting but it is still better than a previous one I have tried.


Initially it was difficult to manage it but after I understood its mechanics it was pure satisfaction!

Spinner is too small

I am BBC and I was looking for something that would help while I was recovering from surgery and could not have regular activities due to stiches and staples. It was very small and I'm not sure if there is anything out there for people who have larger members and girth as well. Maybe if I was that small it could work but for me it just doesn't.

Didn't do it for me

The "spinning" aspect appealed to my curiosity. I never felt any spinning. To a certain degree, I don't get these masturbators. When I use my hand, I hand so much control over pressure, what area gets attention, etc. With a sleeve, any sleeve, you lose all that, supposedly to have a fake vagina around your dick. I have only tried 2 sleeves. Both were not to my liking. My wife loves her toys and wants so much for me to find a toy that works for me. For now, it's all in the hands.

Thanks for the honest review!

To best feel the spinning, we recommend experimenting with grip tightness and placement on the Spinner. Gripping towards the top should provide spinning towards the base while gripping at the base should provide spinning towards the tip. A full-handed, sturdy grip at the mid-shaft of the Spinner can force the coil of the Spinner to stay in place - which will drastically reduce how much it spins.

The stroke length can also make a difference. Full, long strokes give the material more potential for spinning where shorter strokes will reduce how much tension the spinner is under - resulting in less spinning.

We hope the tips help - but regardless, we hope you find a toy that's an amazing fit for your body! :)

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