b-Vibe Snug Plugs

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Great for long term play

Easy to insert, comfortable to wear. Doesn't dig in to your cheeks like many princess plugs do. Weights feel fantastic while moving around, great gentle reminder to keep your brain in an erotic mental space for as long as you're comfortable.

Great plug

I didn't know for sure whether the weightedness would make a difference but it does add a unique sensation and I enjoy it very much.

B-Vibe Snug #2

I wasnt expecting to fall in love with an anal plug but I did. Very easy to insert, and you could wear it all day. Nice pressure and the weighted bit definitely makes you know its in.

SO Filling!

Talk about weird! These Snug Plugs don't feel anything like anything I've ever tried before. I thought the "Weighted" aspect was going to be exaggerated, but no. You can DEFINITELY tell when these are in! They press really nicely inside when inserted, and despite wearing them out to dinner a few times, they've never slid out or caused any concerns.

They just provide such a really sensual feeling of fullness for me. The tail is really comfortable between my cheeks when wearing it too. The thickness of the plug just takes a bit to insert. Definitely make sure to get one you can easily insert! I bought a little too big for myself, so it's a bit of a process to get in!

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