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Tantus Silk - Kinkly ShopTantus Silk - Kinkly Shop
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Tantus P-Spot - Kinkly ShopThe Tantus P-Spot dildo next to a red apple. It's about 2.5 times longer than the dildo, and it's about 1/4th the width of the apple's width. | Kinkly Shop
The bottle of the Tantus Apothecary After Care Cream. It has a squirt-top pump at the top of the bottle. It looks like a lotion bottle. | Kinkly Shop
Tantus Dragon Tail up against a white background. This angle showcases the unique shape of the Tantus Dragon Tail which includes a triangular shape that comes to a tiny tip for striking. | Kinkly ShopThe Tantus Dragon Tail pressed up against a flat surface. The toy bends, easily, with no resistance. The tail of the Tantus Dragon Tail is extremely flexible. | Kinkly Shop
Tantus Tawse Small up against a plain white background. There are not real sharp edges, and the handle and the edges of the Tawse tails are rounded. It has a very streamlined appearance. It looks black and rubbery (It's made from silicone). | Kinkly ShopA person holds the Tantus Tawse Small up against their butt covered in jeans. The Tawse's size covers most of both butt cheeks, but this person appears to wear a very small jeans size. The handle fits easily into their hand. | Kinkly Shop

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