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Ah, leather

"This item arrived to me tucked away in a cardboard shipping box with no identifying markers on the outside of the box. The actual package is decorated with the traditional Sportsheets design which clearly identify that there is a collar and leash inside for your enjoyment.

The “D” ring is in the middle and there are 7 metal studs across the front and sides of the collar. The Sportsheets logo is stamped into the leather but blends in so that it does not stand out you barely notice it.

The leash is 47 inches long that makes it the perfect size to lead your sub around and make them go where you want them to.

This is a collar so that is what it is best used for. It was intended to be a gift for biker hubby but I ended up with it for myself, which is just fine with me I love to be collared and lead to the play room. The collar is made of 100% leather and has some metal on it (snaps metal studs, and “D” ring). It is very sturdy and smells like leather smells. It is perfect gift for your sub! I love to wear this item with my black leather nighty.

I highly recommend this as a gift. It is a high quality leather durable collar and leash set it will give you plenty of nights ( or days) of fun filled play. There is this stunning collar also and I really like it!

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