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The purchase experience was great and excellent service. The MysteryVibe Tenuto arrived very quickly and I charged it immediately. It is a fun toy to play with, just wish the motors were a bit stronger for me as the vibes felt good and the app on the phone worked but don’t try to answer your phone or text while using the “MysteryVibe Tenuto” as it will loose the blue tooth connection and you will need to try to reconnect it or remove it and start all over again. Just wish it was a little more powerful and as of yet, have not had a chance to use it with a partner.

More than "Just" a Cock Ring

The MysteryVibe Tenuto does exactly what it claims to do: it makes erections easier to achieve and also provides a boatload of pleasure while doing it. The six (yes, six!) motors pretty much provide "surround sound" pleasure while wearing the Tenuto, and if you're particularly into anal or perineum stimulation, the Tenuto goes much-further between the legs than any other cock ring does.

The Tenuto seems mostly designed for the wearer's pleasure, and as the partner during intercourse, I didn't get a "ton" of the vibration myself - but that's perfectly fine. I have other vibes for that. The Tenuto does go well above-and-beyond for pleasure on the wearer, though - much more-so than pretty much any other cock ring on the market.

I'm pretty disappointed that while other MysteryVibe products seem to offer long-distance control, the MysteryVibe Tenuto isn't there yet. Otherwise, the app is a cute (novelty) way to interact with the Tenuto. It allows you to change the custom patterns (that are pre-loaded into the Tenuto's memory and don't require app use to use later on!), but the real-time control functions are pretty minimal aside from using it as a remote instead of using the buttons on the toy itself.

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Needed something to keep it all firm since I've gotten older. Doc keeps recommending some pills, but I figured I'd try the manual route first. This works great, and the wife says she can feel some of the vibration too. Easy to get on and use and does the job. No complaints. Thanks for the fast shiping!

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