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Great for Orgasms

This is the most effective showerhead I've ever had for getting off. It does that job wonderfully. The three different shower intensity settings can easily go from "unaroused" to "orgasm" without any discomfort. Since it uses water so efficiently, too, I've never had my hot water run out on me either. Since I regularly run out of water just trying to shave my legs with my old showerhead, that's saying something!

I was curious if the odd, sorta-curved shape would be good for handling, and I'm impressed! The showerhead is surprisingly lightweight, and its gently curved body feels like holding a sex toy with absolutely no strain on my arms. The mode button and slider switch are easy to access with my thumb without interrupting my pleasure.

My only complaint is that it's just "okay" as a regular showerhead for showering. It feels like a rain-style showerhead but with a much smaller "rain" area. Most rain showerheads have a large, at-least-a-foot size showerhead. The Womanizer Wave has the same type of light, sensual rainshower feel without the same shower area backing it up.

This can make it a bit hard to use for daily showering. It doesn't feel as warm or all-encompassing on days I've worked out and just want to feel the grime rinsed off of me.

It's by-far the best showerhead I've had for orgasming. It just isn't the best showerhead for showering.

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