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Mystim Opus E | Donut
Mystim Opus E | Donut
Mystim Opus E | Donut
Mystim Opus E | Donut
Mystim Opus E | Donut

Mystim Opus E | Donut

Mystim GmbH

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Take your masturbation sessions to the next level! The Mystim Opus E is a male masturbation sleeve equipped with optional electrosex capabilities. Partner your Mystim Opus E with your Mystim Powerbox, and enjoy the additional sensations electro play can provide! From the gentle tickle of the lightest sensations all the way to hair-raising intensities, this body-safe electricity can take your standard masturbation sensations to the next level! With its eight points of e-stim contacts throughout the chamber of the sleeve, the Opus E allows for enjoyable electrosex play for various penis sizes.

In addition to the electrosex capability, the intense texture of the internal chamber ensures you have a great self-pleasure session - regardless of whether you choose to utilize e-stim that day. For non-electrosex use, the e-stim contacts are easily removed from the sleeve.

IMPORTANT NOTES! A Mystim Powerbox is required to utilize the optional electrosex capabilities! As with any male masturbation sleeve, you will also need lubricant to slide inside. We highly recommend The Goldfather Conductivity Enhancer Lube to increase electrosex conductivity within your sleeve.

Equipped features: E-stim functions, Removable conductive surfaces, Textured internal chamber.
Materials: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with a plastic case, neodymium magnet, push buttons (no skin contact), nickel-plated steel.
Care: All components can be cleaned with water and mild soap. Sleeve can be inverted for simpler cleaning. Allow masturbation sleeve to fully dry before reassembling. Use of a conductive lubricant is recommended for electrosex play. Please do not switch on electrosex currents unless the penis is fully inserted into the Opus E.

Length: 8.5"
Masturbation case diameter: 3.3"
Masturbation sleeve diameter: Approximately 0.4" to 1.1" with stretchy properties
Total insertable length: 6.9"

Box includes: 1 Mystim Opus E sleeve, Mystim Opus E Masturbation sleeve case, 2 push-button adapters, 2 conductive surfaces, Instruction manual.

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