Mystim Big Bend-It



e-Stimulation tailored to your body. Customize your perfect e-stim anal sensation with the Mystim Big Bend-It anal toy! Equipped with the Flex & Stay technology from Mystim, this prostate anal toy can be bent into the perfect shape to hit your prostate. The graduated sizing allows for easy insertion (even for beginners!) while each one of the bulbs also allows for easy bending at multiple points of this electrosex toy.

Craving even more sensation? The Mystim Big Bend-It is equipped with optional electrosex capabilities. Just plug this prostate stimulator into your electrosex powerbox, and the entire toy lights up with electrosex pleasure! Use of the electrosex features of the Big Bend-It requires an electrical powerbox - such as the Tension Tamer. Without the powerbox, the Big Bend-It is still a fully-functional prostate stimulator, but it will not have any electrosex capabilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE! One of our Mystim TENS Units is required to use the electrosex capabilities of this item!


Equipped features: E-stim functions, Flex-and-stay silicone, Graduated sizing, Beginner-friendly size.
Materials: Medical-grade, platinum silicone.
Care: Clean with water and a mild soap. Ensure all parts are fully dried before storage. Water-based lubricant and conductive gel only.

Length: 7"
Diameter: 0.6" at the slimmest point, 1.73" at the base
Weight: 180g

Box includes: Big Bend-It prostate stimulator.

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