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Hands-Free Pleasure

Probably one of our most unique pegging toys.

The On a Mission easily holds a Fleshlight for him to slide into - and then simultaneously supports his body while he lays on top of it. I can then use my strap-on harness and get in behind him. He doesn't last long like that (way too many sensations), but it's entirely hands-free and comfortable for both of us.

I was really surprised by how supportive it is, too. I thought it would squish a lot more under weight, but it holds its own really well. I've sat on top of it before with no issue. The slippery material cleans up really easily from lube too. Usually just a wet washcloth and a dab of soap after we're done.

Plus, it's really hot just to watch him use it. Normally I'm in close-contact with him when he's thrusting - but with the On a Mission, I can sit back and look at the same action from a completely different angle. It's really hot!

We usually use it with full-sized Fleshlights. I'm not sure how well it would work with other strokers - though it did work with the KIIROO KEON stroker.

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