Vixen Creations Maverick

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A Wonder of a Dildo

I can't get over how realistic Vixen Creations toys are - and this one is no different.

I own a lot of dildos (a collection, you could argue), and this is, by far, the most realistic. When you wrap your hands around it, you can feel the soft plushiness of the material that slides around a bit - but you can also feel the firm interior core - just like a biological penis.

The dildo feels like the perfect mixture of plushy, squishy material and a firm, rigid "erection" core.

With a condom on, I genuinely can't tell which one is my partner's D and which one is the dildo strapped on.

This one is definitely one of Vixen's thicker options, but it isn't nearly as huge as the Gambler either. Definitely for those who like a stretch.

We got it about 8 years ago from our local shop, and it's still going strong.

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