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Magic wand micro

Got it for my wife. She loves it. Easy to handle, powerful, and the battery is long lasting to hit those pleasure spots for a lot of enjoyment. Highly recommended

Robert E.

No real vibrating
Very winppy

Cute Doesn't Mean Useless

I didn't get the Micro expecting it to be as strong as my trusty Rechargeable, but wow, did they still pack some power into the Micro.

It isn't strong enough to make me orgasm in seconds (sometimes painfully so!) like my Rechargeable does, BUT it still offers orgasms on just the second highest power intensity. Considering I've had "regular sized" vibrators at twice the cost still be unable to get me to orgasm at their highest power setting, that's impressive. It's definitely not the ultra-powerful vibrations I get with my big wand massagers, but it still outshines a lot of toys I've had.

The first steady vibration setting is my favorite for deeper, rumbly-esque vibrations, and they get buzzier as you increase the power. They're still nowhere near as buzzy as many cheaper vibrations, but when you're comparing it to the deepest, rumbliest vibrators on the market (those Magic Wands), it's hard to really "win" at 1/3rd the size.

It's also possibly the cutest vibrator I've ever seen, and I can not get over how adorably small it is. I very rarely want to go "Awww" before using my vibrator, but here we are.

Wrist strap is a snug fit on my wrist, but that really helps keep it from sliding off my wrist easily. I really like the wrist strap for switching positions; the vibrator is so light that it weighs less than some of my bracelets, and it keeps me from losing the vibrator in the bedding while I readjust into a new position.

Vibrations are quieter than my Rechargeable, by far, but still not super quiet. You could get away with using this one in a house with your door closed, though. It's not "power tool" loud like the rest of the Magic Wands. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable using it in a public bathroom, but I'd be just fine using it at a hotel room (and plan to, soon!)

I was worried that the crafter would "phone it in" with this one and hope the style points would be enough for sales, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the Micro. The vibrations are enough for orgasm, it looks adorable, and it feels like all of the quality of the Magic Wand - but in a super tiny package. It reliably gets me off and is super easy to travel with and maneuver which is a miracle in a wand massager.

(And it fits in the pockets of all of my athletic leggings and most of my jeans!)

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