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Impressed at Versatility

I have a lot of toys . I bought this as an after thought and my girl fell in love with the ease of use and soft small grip I stick out the top so she can easily yse tge toy and still have the best of me to enjoy and we both have fun. The only negative is the battery life is not great but it is good and rechargeable I would recommend it for couples as well as men. Buying it here gives you the kinky customer service which is unrivaled in their great pleasure in helping you with all questions. Top notch!

Does the job with a nice twist

Literally a basic silicone open-ended pocket pussy with a quality vibrator wrapped in a rubber sleeve that holds everything together. I guess what you pay for is the combination of all those things put together but what makes it for me is soaking it in hot water, slick it with surgical lube, and combining it with sounding. Being able to mix toys during play adds a truly unique experience. The texture inside, maybe I don't have a sensitive enough dick, I hardly feel it but the orgasm sneaks up on me coming out of nowhere. Idk, I switch between the VeDO Grip and the Colour regularly. If anything I said resonates with you you'll probably like it too.

Far better than I expected

It is definitely one of those toys that gets better as you use it. Once you get the right rhythm going you might find it hard to us anything else. Normally I want to cum back to back to back but this thing really satisfies me in ways I never expected a toy to. the charge time isn't too long and the feeling of the silicone is incredibly high quality. If you dont often feel satisfied or don't want to put a lot of energy into your masterbation this is the toy for you!

ALL SMILES. Definitely different but in an awesome way.

Wife and I used it together the first time and are both very pleased. I think she got as much enjoyment out of it as I did (almost). I haves used it several times since and it seems to get better and better. HINT:Get you some oil with CBD in it.

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