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Ruby Black Nipple Clips
Ruby Black Nipple Clips
Ruby Black Nipple Clips
Ruby Black Nipple Clips

Ruby Black Nipple Clips


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    Perfect control with an adjustable design. The Ruby Black Nipple Clamps offer a customizable experience with sensual eye-catching jeweled tassels. Tweezer-style clamps, the rings slide up and down the nipple clamp's shafts to tighten - or loosen - the clamp's pressure. Further personalize your experience by removing the optional rubber pads at the tip for a sensation with a bit of "bite".

    An ideal choice for sensual play or sadistic play, the Ruby Black Nipple Clamps allow you to adjust your experience every time you pick them up. 

      Equipped features: Adjustable tightness, Removable soft pads, Jeweled tassels
      Metal, Rubber
      Care: Clamps can be gently washed with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Allow to fully dry after each clean.

      Box includes: Ruby black nipple clips

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