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Too Cute

These impression paddles are really cute and I have always wanted to own one They come in many forms some even have words on them. I chose the ones with the cute little hearts on it. I have always been a fan of Sportsheets stuff and have a bunch of different things from them.

The Leather Heart Impression Paddle is used for impact play. These paddles are more suitable for beginners but who wouldn’t mind having some hearts on their ass? So if you like fun play anyone can try them out. This paddle can be used all over the body, you don’t have to keep it to just one spot.

This paddle is made of Cowhide Leather, there is a smell but it is not strong like most leather smells it is quite pleasant. In order to smell it you have to hold it up to your nose. There is a piece of red paper in between the paddle. The strap is made of nylon, while the ring to hold it is made of nickle free metal, you can use this to put around your wrist if they are small, and you can also use it to hang your paddle. On the handle of the paddle on each side you can see the Sportsheets logo. On the front side of the paddle there are 3 mini heart cut outs.

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