Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss

Flavor: Coconut Water
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Really Interesting Sensations

Really interesting stuff. The gloss provides this dual sensation that's somehow cooling and numbing at the same time. I'm not entirely sure why it needs to be applied to the lips then kissed onto the genitals - instead of just applying straight to the genitals - but that's the way we did it. As long as you end up kissing or licking the genitals shortly after application, the gloss and sensations transfer over to the person you're pleasuring.

In particular, we found it really good for the tip of the D during a bj. The nerves there really seemed to enjoy the sensations, and the wearer of the lip gloss, it felt really fun to intentionally try to use my lips to slather the gloss onto the tip.

My biggest love was the taste. It tastes straight-up like candy - and it smells that way too. It really adds a whole different scent to oral sex. No medicinal or chemical smell here at all. It smells more like one of those multi-packs of lip gloss crafted to taste like candy bars.

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