Njoy Fun Wand



Versatile pleasure with a lifetime design. Njoy's most versatile dildo, the Njoy Fun Wand is a double-ended dildo that hosts multiple ways to enjoy yourself. One end of the toy features a deeply-curved wand with a bulbous tip to stroke those inner-most pleasure spots. The opposing side features a row of three graduated beads which are perfect for anal play. No matter which end you choose to use, you'll be enjoying the slick and unforgettable sensation of stainless steel which glides effortlessly against the skin.

The Njoy Fun Wand arrives to you in luxurious packaging that's designed for lifetime protection of your new toy. Made from stainless steel, the Fun Wand is hypoallergenic and can be fully sterilized. Fully waterproof with no difficult crevices, this double-ended toy is a simple clean after use.


Length: 8"
Diameter of single-bulb end: 1"
Starting diameter of multiple-bulb end: 0.75"
Final diameter of the multiple-bulb end: 1"
Weight: 12oz

Features: Waterproof, Double-ended, Sterilizable.
Material: Stainless Steel
Care: Non-porous and fully sterilizable, your Fun Wand can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water or a boiling water bath for sterilization. Avoid any rough materials or brushes near your stainless steel wand during cleaning. Be careful handling the Fun Wand while it's lubricated. Lubricant and steel can make a slippery combination. Be careful to avoid any drops of the dildo. With proper care, stainless steel can last a lifetime.

Box Includes: Njoy Fun Wand, Keepsake storage box.

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