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Favorite Vibe

I'd give this thing 10 stars if I could. I absolutely love the hell out of the Baci. It feels very similar to the clitoral side of the Ose 2 - but just the clitoral side alone. I love it way, way more than a lot of my Womanizer toys, and if I'm going for a really intense orgasm, I'll pull out the Baci. It's pretty much my go-to clitoral toy right now. The thrumming platform around the suction whole really makes for full-vulva pleasure in addition to some serious clitoral pleasure, and I rarely have to move it off of the lowest two power settings to orgasm.

(If I'm having difficulty getting off, I'll still go for a Womanizer, though. The Baci provides a ton of pleasure - throughout my entire vulva - but the Womanizer does a lot better job of zeroing in on JUST clitoral sensations and really "forcing" me to orgasm if my body refuses to cooperate.)

My only complaint - and it's minor in the grand scheme of things: I wish the Baci had more "gripping" room. With a plushier vulva with larger labia, it can make it hard to keep a good grip on the toy since it can get slippery during use since it slides so close to my body.

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