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A+ Stroker

This masturbator feels FANTASTIC. It's all-compassing in sensation, and it does a great job surrounding the penis while using it. It's tight, it's highly-textured, and it's very, very pleasurable. Zero complaints here.

Really, this one shines when used in combination with the KIIROO KEON, so I recommend buying it that way. It's a great masturbator on its own, but when the option is between stroking it myself or having a machine do all of the stroking for me, I know which one I'd pick.

When using it by hand, I recommend keeping a dry hand for your stroking. Since the case is designed for use inside of the KEON, it doesn't have much texture on it. This can make it slippery if you have lube on your hands. Keeping a dry hand helps eliminate that problem entirely.

Still, it's very pleasurable all on its own. It reminds me of high-end Fleshlights. I just wish it had a bit more realistic detailing for the vulva visual.

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