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Discover Your Lover Couple's Game

We've played this game once so far but plan to do it again. The tasks and questions span the gamut from silly to serious and are sometimes more odd than profound, but if you want to gain some insight into both your partner's and your own sexual and sensual preferences and increase your intimacy as a couple, this game can help push you both to try and talk about some things you might not have otherwise.

Can't Believe It's This Good

While some of the design feels a bit dated (the pictures look a bit low-res on the board, for example), Discover Your Lover is one of the most cohesive sex/romance games I've ever played. Normally games like these feel borderline cheesy - or straight up pornographic - and it can make it hard to relax into it as a couple's activity - instead of something to actively laugh at together.

But this game does a really good job of walking the line between intimate questions that make you feel connected, sex "fact" questions to help break the ice, foreplay ideas that feel teasing without feeling stupid, and intercourse/sex ideas that don't feel outside of the realm of what my body can do.

And I love that there isn't one set "win" at the end either. My partner and I both write down a desire before we start the game - and the winner "wins" their written desire. He even wished for a glutenous night of chicken and beer the week after, so your wishes don't have to be sexual.

We've replayed it over 5 times (I don't think more than 10 yet), and we rarely have encountered the same cards. I really love that it has so much replayability. And now that we know that it almost always ends in feeling super connected - and with sexual tension that leads to great sex - it's something we've relied on for date nights.

I initially gawked at the price, but it definitely feels like a cohesive couple's board game that the creators put real time into - instead of sex dice with body part pictures or basic sex position image cards. If I want to feel close to my partner, this is a game we regularly pull out.

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