Blush Wellness Dilator Kit



Gently stretch your body with this body-safe kit. The Blush Wellness Silicone Dilator Kit offers four dilators in gently graduated sizes for the flexibility to choose the stretch that your body needs each day. Designed for your comfort, each dilator features a straight, non-textured shape with a softly rounded tip for easy insertion. Seamless, silky smooth silicone glides against your skin while heart-shaped bases make these dilators safe for vaginal or anal use.


Dilator 1
Length: 3.5"
Diameter: 0.5"

Dilator 2
Length: 4.75"
Diameter: 0.75"

Dilator 3
Length: 5.5"
Diameter: 1"

Dilator 4
Length: 6"
Diameter: 1.25"

All Blush Wellness Dilators
Features: Non-porous, Anal and vaginal safe, Rounded tip, Heart-shaped base.
Material: 100% Platinum Cured Silicone
Care: The Wellness Silicone Dilators are simple to clean with warm water and mild soap. Please use a water-based lubricant when slickening your new toy for use.

Box Includes: Four dilators.

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