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Orion VibePad 2 with the remote control | Kinkly ShopTwo illustrations for the Orion VibePad 2. The top illustration shows someone sitting on top of the Orion VibePad 2 on top of a chair. The second illustration shows the flicking tongue moving back and forth Orion VibePad 2. | Kinkly Shop
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Orion VibePad 3 up against a plain white background. Its remote control is laying next to it in the foreground. | Kinkly ShopA different angle on the Orion VibePad 3. The clitoral bump is shown closest to the camera, showcasing the gentle swells of the anal and clitoral bumps to offer pleasure while sitting on it. | Kinkly Shop
Orion Orion VibePad 3
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