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Fits Into My Bedroom

I really liked the idea of having a sex toy I didn't have to hide as thoroughly as I do some of my vibrators and dildos, so the Heart Wedge was a cute idea. It fits in perfectly with my pink comforter, and I've actually had friends ask where I got the pillow because it looks like such a cute piece. (There's a small Liberator tag on the zipper, but you can cut it off if you want things to look even more discreet).

And at night, it transitioned perfectly to a sex pillow! We mostly used it to elevate the hips during missionary. It turned missionary into a g-spot position - and we both loved it! It also regularly got a workout to lift my hips off the bed to better receive oral sex; it made everything more accessible than my hips being pushed into the comforter and harder to get at.

Only thing: when I gained weight over lockdown, we ended up purchasing a regular Liberator Wede for the added surface area. The Heart Wedge had been working great for my slimmer body, but we really liked the added support of the regular Wedge for bigger hips.

We still leave the Heart Wedge on the bed, though, and it's been perfectly as a between-the-legs pillow for a side sleeper too. It's been nice not to have to clear a drawer in order to store it.

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