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Very good lube

This lube is awesome! Long lasting and pleasure to use. My lady enjoys using it on me. No taste so good for oral after using for manual purposes. Great products, prompt order servicing and delivery.

Works for My Sensitive Needs

My body is super-sensitive to ingredients - to the point where a lot of lubricants can cause me to get an infection. Good Clean Love doesn't do that at all. It smells great, works with my body and never causes any issues, and can be used for pretty much anything. (It's pretty tasteless too).

It's a nice, thick gel for application. It tends to "stay" where you put it (until you slather it on) unless its fighting gravity. It loses to gravity. It slathers on really nicely and feels pretty plushy. I rarely have to reapply unless it's a really grippy silicone toy, but for person-on-person sex, one application is more-than-enough most of the time.

I don't think it's supposed to be scented, but it does have a very, very light vanilla-ish scent. I notice the scent occasionally during sex (usually while squirting it), but I can smell it on my body after sex until the next time I shower. I really enjoy the scent (it's way less scented than my lotions, etc.), but it's really nice that it has a pleasant scent instead of the typical "smells like medical goo" scent.

(After sex, it wipes up pretty easily with toilet paper, or it seems to "gradually disappear" after a couple of hours as well. It leaves the skin pretty soft!)

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