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Welcome to the world of Air Suction Vibrators!

Since the technology was introduced to the world a couple of years ago, air suction toys have taken the sex toy world by storm. Instead of relying on the standard “vibrating” approach that has been the staple of toys for years, air suction vibrators rely on a targeted gentle (or powerful!) suction on the area where the toy is placed. As that sensation is a popular one during oral sex on vaginas, it's no surprise that air suction vibrators have really taken off as they become one of the most popular types of toys out there!

As the popularity of the air suction vibrator increases, there are more and more options on the market. Each one of these toys is slightly different than the last. While each one will perform the basic function of pleasuring a clitoris or other nub-like surface of the body, the differences between the toys are really what set them apart - and allow you to pick an air suction vibrator that works well for your own needs.

One toy might be at a lower price point - but it only lasts fifteen minutes per charge. Another might be more expensive, but it's fully waterproof and the strongest of the bunch. What works perfectly for you might be a lukewarm option for another person - and visa versa.

Like anything in life, it's a matter of figuring out that give-and-take between the cost and the features your toy will include.

With that in mind, figuring out what your "perfect" air suction vibrator can become a bit stressful. How do you ensure you get the perfect balance of price and function? How do you know what's most important to you when there are hundreds of options jumping out at you for your attention?

Instead of letting you dwell on the negative, we want to help empower your choice - and excite you about being tossed into a sea of hundreds of options. Using these seven tips, we hope to narrow down your air suction vibrator options, allow you to find the best sex toy for your pleasure - both in and out of the bedroom!

Spend Some Time With Your Budget

If you've ever spent some time shopping for air suction vibrators, one of the first things that jumps out is the variable price range. Air suction vibrators can range from $40 all the way to $250.

That means that your first priority is to figure out your budget. Like all items in life, you get what you pay for.

The higher-end toys are more likely to provide an effortless orgasmic experience while lower-end toys are more likely to cause frustration. That being said, the "sweet spot" for air suction vibrators is around the $100 mark. At that price point, manufacturers can make a quality air suction vibrator without sacrificing too much of the basic functionality. Expect the special features (removable tips, waterproof capabilities, suction options) and the intensity to go up as you move beyond that price point.

We'll always recommend spending within your budget. After all, we don't want anyone to get behind on rent for a sex toy! That being said, make sure to pay attention to the features your potential air suction toy offers. If you're in love with a toy that's slightly outside of your budget, it might be worth saving up to ensure you get an amazing experience - instead of an "okay" one with the budget-friendly version you were looking at.

Contemplate the Battery Life

One of the biggest ways that manufacturers control the cost of your potential air suction vibrators is through battery life. If you orgasm easily and your masturbation sessions only take ten minutes, you might not need to worry about the battery life.

However, if you prefer long sessions or just need a bit more time to reach your preferred satisfaction level, make sure you pay attention to the battery life of your potential air suction vibrator. If your potential air suction vibrator is powered by removable batteries, you might not mind. A mid-session death will just mean tossing in new batteries. If your new air suction toy is rechargeable, though, you'll quickly find yourself frustrated with the inability to recharge it instantly and get “back on the road”.

Just make sure you know your air suction vibrator's battery lifespan and make sure it corresponds with your own orgasmic preferences.

Think About Your Own Body

In order for an air suction vibrator to provide pleasure, it needs to be, well, able to suction! In order to do that, the tip of an air suction vibrator is "hole" with a soft “wall” around the hole. The clitoris fits into this hole while the "edges" of the hole secure this unique vibrator to your skin and ensure that air isn't easily escaping. This is the mechanism that makes these vibrators so darn pleasurable!

However, like anything about the human body, not every clitoris is built the same. Air suction vibrator manufacturers have picked up on this as well. Some air suction vibrator toys - especially ones at a higher price point - include an interchangeable tip system with tips of various sizes to accommodate a clitoris of most sizes.

On more affordable air suction vibrator options, however, this tip may be built-in. If you have an "average" clitoris that matches the manufacturer's vision, great! If not, however, you might find that your air suction vibrator doesn't adhere like designed - which means you're not getting the pleasure the toy was meant to give. If you think your clitoris is larger or smaller than average, you might consider seeking out an air suction vibrator with an interchangeable tip to ensure it fits your body perfectly.

Decide How You Want to Power Your Toy

In order to provide that delicious "suction" you love so much, an air suction vibrator needs power. Most of these toys are powered one of two ways: via disposable batteries (like AA or AAA batteries) or through an irremovable, rechargeable battery (much like your cell phone!).

Disposable-battery suction vibrators tend to be less powerful than their rechargeable counterparts. However, if you travel often and don't want to bring more charging cords, a disposable-battery air suction toy can be a lovely alternative.

At the same time, disposable-battery suction vibes allow for a full-battery hit at a moment's notice while a rechargeable toy ensures you never need to worry about eating up those disposable batteries that your TV remote uses too. Decide what's most important to you.

Know Your Uses

How are you hoping to use your new air suction vibrator? Are you looking for a lot of solo use - or maybe trying to use it during intercourse?

Where are you hoping to use it? Is it a shower, a bedroom, or during your many business trips?

All of this matters for picking an air suction vibrator that has the features you need. Someone who wants to tote their new toy through airports and car rides might appreciate a small, portable design - or a travel-lock feature that keeps the vibrator from turning on accidentally! If you're hoping to use your new toy in the bathtub, waterproof capabilities are going to go a long way. To use your new toy during intercourse (where two bodies might be pretty squished against one another), picking an air suction vibrator with a small, thin design is going to be vital.

Knowing how you intend to use your air suction vibrator will make a huge difference in which ones will make the best fit for you.

Prepare to Clean Your Toy

Cleaning your air suction vibrator is just as vital as using it. After all, in those moments of orgasmic bliss where you want nothing more than to take a nap, you still need to ensure your new air suction vibrator is clean and ready for the next use.

This is where some of your special features might come in handy. A waterproof vibrator is easier to clean; after all, you don't have to worry about where the water ends up. Along with that, some air suction vibrators are equipped with removable tips. Assuming your session wasn't too explosive, a removable tip means you'll give the tip the thorough, deep clean while the handle of the toy might only require a bit of touch-up cleaning with a damp washcloth. An interchangeable tip also means that you can easily slip a new tip onto a toy that you might have forgotten to clean after yesterday's sex session. (But don't forget that bulk cleaning session later on!)

Enjoy the Exploration

Remember, if you're new to air suction vibrators, this is a brand new type of stimulation for your body. That's not a bad thing, but it might take your body a little bit to get used to these different types of sensations.

Whatever air suction vibrator you choose, make sure you give your body the time and patience to figure out if air suction toys are really for you. If possible, give a second air suction vibe a try if the first one doesn't pan out. Maybe the suction tip just wasn't the right shape for your body!

Either way, this is all about your enjoyment and pleasure. While air suction vibrators are a huge hit because they've been working for a lot of people, it's possible they won't be the best solution for YOU. And that's a-okay! Make sure to listen to your body, and above all: have a great and pleasurable time!