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Spartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Bells. They are tweezer-style nipple clamps with small bells on the end of each of the clamps. | Kinkly ShopSpartacus Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Bells inside of its packaging. | Kinkly Shop
Spartacus Beaded Clit Clamp | Kinkly ShopA close-up of the beads that are attached to the bottom of the Spartacus Beaded Clit Clamp | Kinkly Shop
Every image included in the Spartacus Kink Kit. The image shows the blindfold, the Latigo leather slapper, the kink cuffs, and the nipple clamps. | Kinkly ShopThe two included cuffs within the Spartacus Kink Kit. It shows that they use standard belt buckles for fastening. | Kinkly Shop
Spartacus Spartacus Kink Kit

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