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Version: S Version - Less Intense
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Orgasmic pleasure without vibration! Equipped with revolutionary SpiroTIP Technology, the Zumio offers pleasurable rotations (similar to the strumming of a finger) as opposed to vibrations. The Zumio's unique tip rotates - offering a movement of up to 2mm! It doesn't sound like much, but it's been proven as the optimal movement for the best sensations!

When most people pleasure a clitoris, they instinctively and randomly change the pressure, speed, and location as their desires change - and that's exactly what the Zumio was designed to simulate! While you can control the 8 equipped rotational speeds at the touch of a button, the real control is how you hold the Zumio. Press it closer to the body for more-intense stimulation or allow it to gently brush the clitoris for a much lighter touch. This unique control system allows this toy to quickly go from high intensities to low intensities - without ever needing to touch any of the buttons.

Of course, Zumio and Kinkly Shop recognize that not everyone wants the most-intense clitoral pleasure out there! Taking their amazing design to the next level, Zumio crafted an "S" version - which stands for "Sensitive". Equipped with a shorter stem and a softer tip that distributes the sensations more broadly, the Zumio "S" was designed for those who prefer gentler sensations - or want a foreplay-ready sex toy that won't rush to the orgasmic finish.

Adding to your seamless sexual experience, both Zumio models are packed full of useful features. The Zumio offers wireless charging in a charging base that allows for easy access to your toy whenever you need it. The toy's waterproof design makes for simplistic cleaning while travel becomes stress-free with Zimio's travel lock.


Equipped features: Rotation (not Vibration), Pressure Sensitive, Extremely Pinpoint, 8 Pleasure Speeds, Waterproof, Rechargeable with Charging Base, Travel Lock, 2 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
Material: ABS Plastic, Metal, Silicone.
Care: Your Zumio device should be cleaned after each use with water and mild antibacterial soap and non-abrasive cloth. If using a lubricant with the Zumio, it's only compatible with water-based lubricants.

Run Time: 75 minutes to 4 hours (depending on the pressure applied by the toy against the body)
Charge Time: 16 hours to a full charge
Charging Note: Toy may be pulled out of the charger at any point during charging for use.

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Box includes: Zumio toy, Charging base, Charging cable for base, Instruction booklet.

Customer Reviews

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Unbelievably Intense!

Talk about a unique sensation. Talk about a "so good at doing its job that it can actually hurt if I'm not already turned on" type of toy. That's pretty much unheard of from me.

The Zumio doesn't rely on vibrations or anything else. It's actually uses a small twirling tip at the top of a pen-like toy. This twirling tip literally rotates on the clit like a precise doctor's instrument in a way that, well, no other toy really does.

And its INTENSE. If you need a lot of stimulation to orgasm, the Zumio X is entirely where it's at. It can draw me into orgasm in seconds when my body isn't cooperating through vibrations or any other means. It's so, so good at what it does. Unbelievably so.

But that's where it becomes a double-edged sword. It is very, very good and very pleasurable - but it can feel overwhelmingly so if you aren't used to it. I'd be cautious about letting a partner take control of this one because it could quickly give me that "overstimulation shake-y feeling" that I dislike so much. But when used with a precise hand like the ultra-powerful toy it is (especially if you're using it on yourself!), it's by-far more stimulating than a Magic Wand or anything that vibrates.

You can read my full Zumio X review on Kinkly:

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