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Not Sure

I've used this a few times, and although it's interesting, I don't think I've experienced all it has to offer. I believe I'll get more out of it!!!

Orgasmically Unique

I own a ton of butt plugs, and this is one of the most unique ones I own. It doesn't "vibrate". It actually pounds itself up and down - like little microthrusts into the body. It's most noticeable on the lower speeds, but you can still feel it on the higher speeds.

It's also a bit of a hefty plug because of it. Especially if you get the Large, even if it isn't turned on and thrusting, you'll very-much be able to feel the fact that the plug is in the body.

I was worried that the plug's design would cause the plug to slide out of the body. That isn't the case. While it might slip out (mostly due to weight) if you're doing a lot of jumping or high impact, it stays in the body pretty well for in-home use. Due to the noise of the thumping, I wouldn't really take this plug out for public play anyway.

The button at the base can be a bit frustrating to press down, but the remote works flawlessly, so I rarely use the button on the base. The remote is the primary way I interact with the Thump-It.

It really is an amazing plug that does WAY more than your average vibrating plug. Depending on where your prostate is, it can definitely hit that (especially the Large!), but even if you don't have a prostate, the in-and-out microthrusting is such a different sensation than vibrations that it instantly earns its own "top spot" in my toy chest.

You can read my full Thump-It Plug review on Kinkly:

Medium sized Thumpit too big & fast for me!

Kinkly Shop is very convenient, quick and discreet. This product was just a little too much for me. I measured so knew it would be a *stretch*, so kinda my own fault. Just wish there was a size smaller. It also doesn’t have a slower thump which would have been a nice option.

feels so good

THIS THING IS AMAZING. It don't feel like my other vibrating prostate toys at all. Button on the base requires a firm touch, but it feels like when I used to use a suction cup dildo against the wall accept way easier. I'd definitely buy it again if i lost it.

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