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XR Thump-It! Thumping Plug

XR Thump-It! Thumping Plug

XR Brands
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Size: Large
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  • Thrusting butt plug replicates the orgasmic pleasure of tapping on a butt plug once it's fully inserted.
  • Winner of the 2020 AVN "O Award" for "Outstanding Anal Product"!
  • Included physical remote control makes it easy to lay back and enjoy the plug's thrusting. Spoil yourself!
  • Tapered tip for easy insertion with a wide retention area to help keep it inside.
  • 7 thrusting speeds with 4 patterns of powerful thumping to hit all your nerve endings.
  • Available in a Medium and Large to choose the size that works best for you.
  • Ships for free within the USA!

Award-winning self-thrusting pleasure! Taking home the 2020 AVN "O Award" for "Outstanding Anal Product", the Thump-It! Thrusting Plug doesn't vibrate - it thrusts! Equipped with Kinetic Technology, there's a weighted ball inside the Thump-It! that quickly moves from one end of the plug to the other. This forceful movement causes the plug to literally micro-thrust against the body when slid inside! With 7 thrusting speeds and 4 patterns of powerful thumping action to explore, this plug offers customization to pick your perfect tempo! While you can control the plug via the button on the base, the Thump It! Thumping Plug also comes with a remote control. Make solo use easier - or invite a partner in to control your pleasure!

Choose from the Medium size or the Large size. No matter what you choose, the Thump-It! Thumper Plug comes with a tapered tip for gentle, easy insertion, and a wide retention area to keep the plug within the body while it works its thrusting magic.

Let your plug do the work! We promise you haven't felt anything like the Thump-It Thumping Plug!

What is Kinetic Technology?

Kinetic Technology is a proprietary type of movement crafted by XR Brands.

In Kinetic Technology toys, there's an internal, long tube that runs the length of the toy. Inside this tube, there's a weighted ball that rests at one end. When the toy is turned on, it forces the weighted ball to quickly slide over to the other side of the internal, long tube – and then come back to the starting point. While that sounds simple, this movement uses physics to make the toy, quite literally, provide mini-thrusting action!

That's what the Thump-It! Thumping Plug is based on! Using this Kinetic Technology, this butt plug provides mini-thrusts up against your body. You can adjust how fast these mini-thrusts go by changing the function settings.

What Does the Thump-It Feel Like?

It's hard to perfectly explain the difference between the Thump-It! Plug and other vibrating plugs. It's just an entirely different sensation! While vibrating plugs stay stationary and "vibrate" in place (which can feel amazingly pleasurable too!), the Thump-It! doesn't stay in place.

Instead, it bounces up and down with the help of Kinetic Technology. It's a movement that's strong enough to move your hand while holding the plug - and we promise you can feel it when it's inside of your body too!

It's like small, tiny thrusts on remote control demand!


Equipped features: Rechargeable, 7 Thumping Speeds, 4 Patterns, Remote-Controlled, Kinetic Thumping Technology, Waterproof.
Material: Premium silicone
Care: Waterproof, the Thump-It! Thrusting Plug should be washed with warm water and mild soap. When using lubricant, we recommend a water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubricants may harm your thumper plug.

Thump-It! Thrusting Plug Measurements
Overall length: 5"
Widest diameter: 1.5"
Insertable length: 3.7"

Overall length: 5.2"
Widest diameter: 1.95"
Insertable length: 3.5"

Plug: Rechargeable via USB
Charging Time: 2 hours to a full charge
Run Time: 1 hour off full charge

Remote: Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Remote Distance:
15 feet

See More: XR Brands Thump-It Thumping Plug Review
Box includes: XR Thump-It! Plug, Remote Control, Charging Cable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not Sure

I've used this a few times, and although it's interesting, I don't think I've experienced all it has to offer. I believe I'll get more out of it!!!

Orgasmically Unique

I own a ton of butt plugs, and this is one of the most unique ones I own. It doesn't "vibrate". It actually pounds itself up and down - like little microthrusts into the body. It's most noticeable on the lower speeds, but you can still feel it on the higher speeds.

It's also a bit of a hefty plug because of it. Especially if you get the Large, even if it isn't turned on and thrusting, you'll very-much be able to feel the fact that the plug is in the body.

I was worried that the plug's design would cause the plug to slide out of the body. That isn't the case. While it might slip out (mostly due to weight) if you're doing a lot of jumping or high impact, it stays in the body pretty well for in-home use. Due to the noise of the thumping, I wouldn't really take this plug out for public play anyway.

The button at the base can be a bit frustrating to press down, but the remote works flawlessly, so I rarely use the button on the base. The remote is the primary way I interact with the Thump-It.

It really is an amazing plug that does WAY more than your average vibrating plug. Depending on where your prostate is, it can definitely hit that (especially the Large!), but even if you don't have a prostate, the in-and-out microthrusting is such a different sensation than vibrations that it instantly earns its own "top spot" in my toy chest.

You can read my full Thump-It Plug review on Kinkly:

Medium sized Thumpit too big & fast for me!

Kinkly Shop is very convenient, quick and discreet. This product was just a little too much for me. I measured so knew it would be a *stretch*, so kinda my own fault. Just wish there was a size smaller. It also doesn’t have a slower thump which would have been a nice option.

feels so good

THIS THING IS AMAZING. It don't feel like my other vibrating prostate toys at all. Button on the base requires a firm touch, but it feels like when I used to use a suction cup dildo against the wall accept way easier. I'd definitely buy it again if i lost it.

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