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Wild Flower Enby 2

Wild Flower Enby 2

Wild Flower
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  • Flexible vibrator crafted to stimulate different erogenous zones including the penis, clitoris, perineum, and external anal area
  • Slim, flexible design fits inside underwear - and is comfortable to sit on or grind on
  • Easily-cleaned, waterproof vibrator swaps between partners to ensure everyone can enjoy themselves with a single toy

A vibrator for EVERY body! Specifically designed as a pleasure object - for all bodies in all transitions of their lives - the Wild Flower Enby 2 sex toy is a versatile vibrator whose every inch was designed for different types of pleasurable stimulation. The rigid middle of the Enby sex toy offers an orgasmic area for grinding while the flexible "wings" of the Enby vibe can easily be curled in for cylindrical stroking. For even more added stimulation, one side of the Enby 2 sex toy is equipped with gentle ribbing throughout the surface.

With its body-safe silicone, the Enby 2 grinder vibe goes anywhere you need it to be - and cleans up easily afterwards. The pleasurable vibrations are focused on the rigid middle with an easy-to-press button to control the 3 speeds and 3 patterns of the vibration. Its rechargeable design (which is simple to do with the magnetic USB charging cable!) ensures the 2nd Enby adult toy is always ready for use - whenever you need it.

Plus, with the Enby 2's waterproof design, you can take your vibrator into the shower or bath - or just enjoy seriously effortless cleaning!

NOTE: The Wild Flower Enby 2 is not currently available for shipment to addresses within the UK. If you order to an address within the UK, your order will be cancelled.

What are the Design Features of the Enby Wild Flower 2?

Every inch of the Enby by Wildflower was clearly designed to further its goal of being a gender-free sex toy.

One side of the Enby Wild Flower 2 includes a gently sloped hill that functions perfectly for targeting the vibrations into compact areas - like between the labia. The button to control the vibrations is also found on this side.

Each one of the sides of the Enby Wild Flower 2 add to the vibrator's versatile with their flexible design. Their super-flexible design allow these "wings" to easily curve in - or around - anything you have in mind

On the other side of the Enby by Wildflower 2, you have the charging port for this rechargeable body safe sex toy. This side also has an area of raised ridging along the surface. With a bit of added lube, this ridging can feel extremely pleasant when rubbed against the skin - which is perfect for stroking areas like the nipples, penis, or even the clitoris.

How Do I Control the Enby 2 by Wild Flower?

The Wild Flower Enby 2 has a single button on the edges of one of its sides. This controls the vibrations. Press and hold the button for two seconds to power on the vibrator - or to power it off. Once the Enby Wild Flower 2 is on, press the button once more to start the vibrations. A single press of the vibration button will let you cycle through the different vibration speeds and patterns. The Enby Wild Flower is equipped with 3 vibration speeds and 3 vibration patterns. Press and hold this same button to turn off the Enby 2 vibrator by Wild Flower .

What's the Differences Between the Wild Flower Enby 1 and Enby 2?

After the mind-blowing popularity of the original Wild Flower Enby, Wild Flower recently released an upgraded version: the Wild Flower Enby 2!

First, let's get the important thing out of the way: the Enby 2 features a stronger motor - for vibrations that are twice as powerful. More power is always a good thing.

In addition to the power, the Wild Flower Enby 2 was redesigned with more flexible silicone "wings". This allows the Enby 2 to wrap around cylindrical areas much-more-fluidly than the 1. The tip of the Wild Flower Enby 2 is also more flexible - which allows you to better form it to your body for pleasure exactly where it's needed.

Finally, the Wild Flower Enby 2 also features a redesigned rechargeable port. Instead of the old, plug-in design of the Enby 1, the Enby 2 is rocking a magnetic charging port. This magnetic charging port means that there is no opening inside of the toy - which makes the Wild Flower Enby 2 entirely waterproof (unlike its predecessor!).

This redesign motor and charging system also gives the Wild Flower Enby 2 a longer battery life. Instead of the 1's 30 minute lifespan, the Enby 2 will last between an hour and a half - to two hours - off a full charge!

What Are Some Ways to Use the Wild Flower Enby 2?

How to use Wildflower by Enby

The whole point of the Wild Flower Enby 2 is to be a vibrator that goes exactly where you need it to be. That is, the Wild Flower Enby 2 was created to work with all anatomies and a myriad of sex acts in order to be that versatile sex toy that's always there when you need it - for whatever reason you need it.

The Enby 2 Wild Flower 's flat design allows it to lay out anywhere you place it. Place the Enby 2 on any flat surface and sit on it for anal pleasure - or lay down on top of it to pleasure the clitoris if you end grinding motions. This sitting design can be particularly helpful for receiving hands-free pleasure while pleasuring a partner.

The Enby 2 by Wild Flower also makes a great addition to strap-on harness and Pegging BDSM play. The vibrator can be slipped behind a strap-on harness against the harness wearer's body. The flexible sides of the vibrator won't press into the skin. The sloped surface can slide between the labia while the harness keeps the vibrator in place for the wearer's pleasure.

The Wildflower Enby 2 also can pleasure any cylindrical area - like the penis. The wings of the vibrator easily fold inwards - which allows you to wrap them around the penis. Add a bit of lube, and the ridged surface of the vibrator can stroke the penis.

And that's just the beginning! We've tried to get you started with some of the illustrated sex positions in the images with the Wild Flower Enby 2. What other uses can you come up with for the Wildflower Enby 2?

How Do I Charge the Enby 2 by Wild Flower?

To charge the Enby 2, you just simply need to get the included magnetic charging cable near the two metallic ports on the backside of the toy. The magnetic cable will "snap" into place. You then plug the other side of the magnetic cable (which is a USB cable!) into any standard 5V USB power source.

The Enby will then charge up. While the Enby Wild Flower 2 is charging, the light on the vibrator will blink. When the vibrator is fully charged, the light will remain on. 

With a full battery, the Wild Flower Enby 2 will now last you about 2 hours. It's time to play!

(We know it's hard to be patient, but please charge the Enby Wild Flower 2 when you first receive it before first use. It will help the battery last longer in the long-run.)

How Do I Clean the Wildflower Enby 2?

The Wild Flower Enby 2 is simple to clean. Just wash it with warm water and mild soap. Do not use alcohol, petroleum, or acetone cleaning products on your toy.


Equipped features: Versatile Use, Magnetically Rechargeable, 3 Speeds of Vibration, 3 Patterns of Vibration, Waterproof, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Material: Super-soft, Body-safe silicone.
Care: Clean the Enby Toy Wildflower 2 with water and a mild soap or a water-based sex toy cleaner.

Length: 6"
Width: 5"
Thickness: 1.25" in the center

Power: Magnetically Rechargeable with included USB Cable.
Use Time: 1.5 to 2 Hours at the Highest Intensity

(Note! GIFS pictured in the product photos may show the Enby 1 in use. The Enby 2 has the exact same shape, so the exact same uses are viable.)

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Box includes: Enby Wildflower Toy 2, Storage Bag, Manual, USB Charging Cable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great idea - okay in practice

I was looking for a vibrator to wear while pegging and the idea of something flat was incredibly exciting! I might just have to get used to the Enby more, but it's a bit cumbersome and the core of the vibrations aren't quite in the right place for wearing it like that, despite it being marketed for such use. I thought the wings would bend and stay bent/be malleable, but they don't stay in a shape, they just bend as you manipulate it. It's a decent toy, jut not the holy grail I was looking for, maybe that's on me for having too high expectations.

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-Really fun to find all of the ways to use it
-Works amazingly for hands-free foreplay
-...and grinding against a partner with added vibrations involved
-Really encourages exploration to see what ways work best
-Waterproof design makes for easy cleaning

-Can get difficult to hold with lots of lube
-Good at many things - master of none
-Vibrations feel buzzy

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