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Wow just wow

After figuring out how to “connect” omg!

Now learning to make out own vibrating modes to music
Worth it to add to any collection!

Pssst! It may be billed as a couples' vibe, but it's great for solo sessions!

Smaller clitoral vibes can be hit or miss when it comes to power, but this vibe isn't weak or buzzy at all. It thrums with strong vibration and includes three intensity settings and seven vibration modes. Oh, and unlike many other couples' vibes, it includes not one, but two separate motors, one in the part of the toy that rests outside the body (on the clitoris), and one in the part that fits inside the body, against the G-spot. You can also control what's happening with each arm independently, which is not only a fun way to geek out, but also helps ensure you find a pattern, intensity and setting that'll rock your world.

This company makes toys that are simple, well-designed and a pleasure (and I mean a pleasure) to ...

The silicone is silky smooth, the vibrations are strong and rumbly, the toys are fully waterproof and they charge via USB. Plus, you can tell they were designed with care and attention to detail. Case in point: The Sync includes a hinge to make it fit more body types and stay put a little better. It's a small detail, but it makes a big difference - and it's something a lot of other couples' vibes lack. I also really liked the Sync's slick storage and charging case. It's a great way to charge your toy without leaving it lying around for people to see. Or, in my case, without letting it languish in the dusty spot beside my bed.

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