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We recieved to Moxie got it charged and it has been amazing so far, she loves it.

Solid vibe, some connection challenges

To be clear, this is the best panty vibe we've ever played with. Decent rumble, enough to get her in a real mood when she's used to the Magic Wand. Very responsive when connected to the app or the remote as well, with some fantastic play moments already. Having said that, maintaining connection to the app isn't perfect. For long distance play it just loses connection often enough to be more frustrating-tease than enjoyable-tease. Still happy with the purchase and the delivery experience was fantastic. Just wish the connectivity was better.

Moxie is kinky, naughty and fun - no whips or handcuffs required.

As any good sex pioneer would, I decided to take this baby for a spin in the real world. I’m not going to lie; it was fun wandering around a crowded grocery store with my panties vibrating. It was this kinky little secret I had and no one knew. I found it especially buzz-y all up on my clitoris when I was reaching down for items on lower shelves in the store. I’ll never look at a family-sized jar of Skippy the same way again.

The Moxie is a good way for couples to connect on a new level and try something new. It’s kinky and naughty, without the need for handcuffs or a whip. I’m giving this a thumbs up.

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