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We-Vibe Golden Moments 2

We-Vibe Golden Moments 2

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Get the best for your clit within a single kit! The We-Vibe Golden Moments 2 brings together their top-of-the-line, best-selling clitoral-focused toys in a gorgeous, limited-edition color scheme. 

First, you'll be enjoying the Womanizer Premium 2. This luxury toy brings air suction sensation to the palm of your hand. Simply slip your clitoris into the hollow tip at the end of the toy, and the toy makes a temporary "seal" around the spot. Once there, pop the toy on, and it comes alive with 14 air suction sensations! These sensations feel like someone gently sucking on the clitoris, mimicking some of the best oral sex that you've ever had! 

Making it easy to relax into your fantasies about oral, the Premium 2 is equipped with Auto Pilot. This setting, when turned on, intuitively guides the orgasmic journey with the unpredictability of oral sex with a partner. It offers random changes in intensity, keeping things feeling fresh, without needing to touch a single button; it takes you on a journey all of its own! 

(The Womanizer Premium 2 has even more amazing features, and we recommend reading the Premium 2's product page to view them all.)

The other half of your Golden Moments 2 kit is the We-Vibe Chorus. This U-shaped vibrator hits your clitoris and your g-spot at once with its unique shape. Slide one end of the U-shape into the vagina, and the opposing side will stay outside the body, resting on the clitoris! This lets the Chorus pleasure two spots at once and do it entirely hands-free. 

If partnered intercourse is on the menu, the We-Vibe Chorus easily becomes a partnered toy. The inserted end of the Chorus is crafted for simultaneous penetration with a partner! Its slim, broad shape gives the Chorus' insertable end a lot of g-spot coverage, but it also makes it possible for a penis to slide in alongside the vibrator for even more pleasure. 

The Chorus makes it easy to control those orgasmic Chorus vibrations with the included touch-sensitive remote. Use the buttons on it like the wireless remote it is, or turn on Squeeze functionality. The harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations activate, allowing your squeezing palm to become the catalyst that drives you to orgasm. 

When you want to explore even more functionality, the We-Vibe Chorus can be connected to the free cell-phone app. Control the vibrations locally or let someone across the world do it. Customize patterns, or use the screen of your phone for touch-and-drag, responsive vibration intensities at a moment's notice.

(Get more details on the Chorus on its product page, too!)


Womanizer Premium 2 Specifications

Equipped Features: 14 Intensity Levels, 2 Stimulation Heads in Two Separate Sizes, Smart Silence, Autopilot 2.0, Inactivity Turn-Off (10 Minutes), Waterproof, Magnetically Rechargeable, Charge Level Indicator, 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Materials: Silicone Attachment Heads, Silicone Body/Handle
Care and Cleaning: Separate the clitoral tip from the rest of the Womanizer Premium 2 to ensure the most thorough clean. Use warm water and a mild soap to clean both pieces - and we recommend ensuring you stick your finger inside of the stimulation tip to clean out its interior. Allow both sides to fully dry before reassembling them. Store the Womanizer Premium 2 in a secure, dry place without exposure to direct sunlight. While no lube is needed to use the Womanizer Premium 2, if you choose to use lubricant, ensure you use a water-based lubricant to avoid harming the material of the Premium 2.
Length: 6.1" / 155mm
Weight: 141.4g
Charge Time: 2 Hours to Full Charge
Run Time: Up to 4 Hours Off a Full Charge
(Full Womanizer Premium 2 product page.)

We-Vibe Chorus Specifications

Equipped features: Adjustable fit, Squeeze remote, Responsive controls, App-compatible, Remote-controlled, Low power alert, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Discreet storage/charging case, 10 Vibration intensities, 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
Material: Body-safe silicone
Care: Clean the We-Vibe Chorus with water and a mild soap or a water-based sex toy cleaner. The We-Vibe Chorus is only compatible with water-based lubricants, and we recommend using a light layer of water-based lube to allow the Chorus to slide in easily.
Length of each end: 3.07"
Width of each end: 1.3"
Height: 3.78"
Width: 1.46"
Vibrator Battery: USB Rechargeable Litihum-ion Polymer battery
Power: Rechargeable to full battery in 2 hours via USB
Run Time: 90 minutes
Remote Battery: CR2032 (one included)
(Full Chorus product page)

Box Includes: Womanizer Premium 2 with head attachment in size M (no extra head attachment), Premium 2 charging cable, Premium 2 storage bag, Premium 2 manual, We-Vibe Chorus, We-Vibe Chorus storage/charging base, Chorus charging cable, Chorus squeeze remote, Chorus quick-start guide, Sample of We-Vibe Lube.

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