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We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus

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Color: Crave Coral
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Your couple's vibrator just got more intuitive! The We-Vibe Chorus takes the company's already best-selling design and adds even more improvements to make the Chorus an effortless fit into your current bedroom activities. Equipped with 10 functions of powerful vibrations that We-Vibe is known for, this couple's vibrator slides into the vagina to pleasure the g-spot and the clitoris during penetrative intercourse - completely hands-free! With two points of angle adjustability, you'll find that those vibrations hit your most-sensitive erogenous zones with ease! No two bodies are the same, and the adjustability of the We-Vibe Chorus ensures a perfect fit with your own, unique anatomy!

Never interrupt sex to adjust a vibrator's settings again. The We-Vibe Chorus comes with a squeeze-sensitive remote control to change that power level on the fly! If you like it old-school, you can use the remote like a traditional remote and click the buttons on its ergonomically-shaped surface to adjust the settings. Otherwise, the Chorus comes equipped with squeeze-sensitive controls. Never give a second thought to vibration settings again! The harder you squeeze the remote, the more powerful vibrations the Chorus will put out! As your body tenses up at those most pleasurable moments, your hand will do so as well, and the Chorus will provide stronger sensations to match - and to get you into that orgasmic zone with ease!

Looking for more ways to play? The We-Vibe Chorus is compatible with the We-Connect cell phone app. Powered by AnkorLink technology, the remote functions as the receiver for the app's commands - ensuring a smooth experience with fewer interruptions. The We-Connect app also makes the We-Vibe Chorus controllable from anywhere with an internet connection! Perfect for when long-distance separates the two of you, the We-Vibe Chorus can be controlled by cell phone for a whole new way to experience intimacy when you're apart.


Equipped features: Adjustable fit, Squeeze remote, Responsive controls, App-compatible, Remote-controlled, Low power alert, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Discreet storage/charging case, 10 Vibration intensities, 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
Material: Body-safe silicone
Care: Clean the We-Vibe Chorus with water and a mild soap or a water-based sex toy cleaner. The We-Vibe Chorus is only compatible with water-based lubricants, and we recommend using a light layer of water-based lube to allow the Chorus to slide in easily.

Length of each end: 3.07"
Width of each end: 1.3"

Height: 3.78"
Width: 1.46"

Vibrator Battery: USB Rechargeable Litihum-ion Polymer battery
Power: Rechargeable to full battery in 2 hours via USB
Run Time: 90 minutes

Remote Battery: CR2032 (one included)

Box includes: We-Vibe Chorus, Squeeze remote, Storage/charging case, USB charging cable, Sample of We-Vibe Lube, Quick-start user guide in multiple languages.

Customer Reviews

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we like it

I think this could definitely be worth the upgrade! We had a Match and decided to upgrade when we saw this. The wife was tired of messing with the remote during sex, so we had really high hopes for this one. Its been pretty good. The remote seems a little too firm for her hand, so after 10 min or so, her arm is too tired to squeeze it anymore so we have to go back to using the remote like a remote again. I wish it was easier on her because it really was nice to not mess with the remote but on the bright side, it works as a regular remote really easily after her hand gets tired. and I think the vibrations are stronger too.

Shes loved the cell phone app though. before all this coronavirus stuff, I was on a business trip. We both downloaded the app and we talked dirty over the phone while I took control of the vibrator inside of her. It was HOT! Were looking at more online toys now because going away on business never seemed to make my wife that horny!

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